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An Expansive Adventure

Schools that urge high school students to follow the expected path, check only the right boxes, and polish their resumes are failing our students -- and breeding stress and anxiety.

At King School, we set a better standard by encouraging students to see learning as a personal adventure; one without a defined beginning, middle, or end. Our students engage deeply with the experience of education -- not just mastering material, but also inviting collaboration, applying knowledge, and making unexpected discoveries.

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A Better Standard for Upper School

When young adults are cheered on as they begin to take ownership of their ambitions and achievements, they feel like stars of a team designed and built for their drive for excellence. As a private high school located in Stamford, CT, King school empowers students to unleash their greatness by emphasizing self-knowledge, expansive learning, and courageous thinking -- the very qualities that lead to happy, healthy, and purposeful lives.


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“At King, we emphasize that an excellent education takes students where they want to go. We also believe that courage and compassion are essential components in the search for purpose, a key element of a King education. Our students support one another as they begin to bring their ambitions into sharper focus and work to achieve their goals, cheered on by the whole community.”

— Marnie Sadlowsky, Associate Head of School for Program and Head of Upper School

“Conducting my own scientific research in the Advanced Science Program for Research and Engineering (ASPIRE) is an incomparable experience.”

— Ashley X., Upper School student

"It’s fascinating to learn the stories of others, and how aspects of people's experiences have come to formulate what they believe. To me, there's always something to be learned from every person and their experiences."

— Will H., Upper School student

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Upper School in Action

Students learn about the artist as advocate, educator, and instigator

In the Upper School Advanced Art 2 class, students learn about the role of the artist as advocate, educator, even instigator, and will be producing work that expresses their emotions about current issues.  The class recently experienced a virtual tour of the Katonah Museum of Art's exhibition, Bisa Butler: Portraits. Ran LaPolla, Chair of Art and Design Department, explained, "Not only is Bisa Butler's work beautiful and skilled, but her message is compelling and timely; a stunning celebration of Black pride, African roots and this nation's complex racial relationships."

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Chair of History Department, Patrick O'Neill is partnering closely with History faculty to solidify the curricular bridges across divisions.  Mr. O'Neill is spearheading a shift in PreK-Grade 12 that he describes as "moving from a focus on teaching a content-based curriculum to a focus on teaching content in the framework of teaching skill sets. Our objective is to teach students of all ages to think like historians which means students will learn the skills, at an age-appropriate level, to think across time and space, in order to research effectively, synthesize significant amounts of data, make sense of problems in the past, and apply solutions to contemporary problems using knowledge of the past."  

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