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At King School, our students bring a unique blend of interests and talents to the educational experience. No two journeys are the same. Our schedule allows the flexibility for students to pursue passions and explore new interests. King students have access to a wide range of offerings that allow them customize their studies while deepening their identities as scholars.

Upper School Students Emphasize Courageous Learning

Setting a Better Standard for Upper School

When young adults are cheered on as they begin to take ownership of their ambitions and achievements, they feel like stars of a team designed and built for their drive for excellence. As a private high school located in Stamford, CT, King school empowers students to unleash their greatness by emphasizing self-knowledge, expansive learning, and courageous thinking -- the very qualities that lead to happy, healthy, and purposeful lives.


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“At King, we emphasize that an excellent education takes students where they want to go. We also believe that courage and compassion are essential components in the search for purpose, a key element of a King education. Our students support one another as they begin to bring their ambitions into sharper focus and work to achieve their goals, cheered on by the whole community.”

— Marnie Sadlowsky, Associate Head of School for Program and Head of Upper School

“Conducting my own scientific research in the Advanced Science Program for Research and Engineering (ASPIRE) is an incomparable experience.”

— Ashley X., Upper School student

"It’s fascinating to learn the stories of others, and how aspects of people's experiences have come to formulate what they believe. To me, there's always something to be learned from every person and their experiences."

— Will H., Upper School student

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Upper School in Action

King Student Earns Perfect Score in AP Computer Science

It is not a common occurrence that the Advanced Placement Program (AP) refers to a student’s score on an AP exam as “so superior that it falls into a rather select category.” That is exactly the well-deserved praise that Clare Liao ’23 received from the AP organization after earning the top score in her Computer Science A Exam in May 2021. Clare not only received the top score of 5 but was also one of only 356 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP Computer Science A Exam, receiving the maximum score on each portion of the exam. 

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Upper and Lower School Students Collaborate in Crossover Curriculum

To kick off the new year, upper school French teacher Denise Mihailoff and lower school teacher Helen Santoro teamed up for an opportunity to collaborate on curriculum across divisions. While upper school french students are researching the legacy of cultural heritage, Grade 5 students are learning about ancient civilizations, providing the students with a unique opportunity to make connections in one another’s learning. 

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Tour of IBM Takes STEM Club From Imagination to Innovation

King School’s STEM Club had the opportunity to visit IBM’s research headquarters where they learned how the tech giant brings ideas from imagination to innovation. The students were greeted by IBM Think Lab Director Dr. George Tulevski, who led the tour of the Thomas J. Watson Research Lab in Yorktown Heights, NY, on December 14. The lab is regarded as one of the world’s premier centers for innovation in computer science. 

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King Students Commit to First-Choice Colleges and Universities

The College Counseling Department at King School has announced that 34 seniors have been accepted to their first-choice college or university and have already committed to attend. "This tremendous achievement represents years of dedication and hard work by the students, their teachers, and families, as well as the tireless commitment of our college counselors. I could not be prouder of everyone involved!" said Head of School Carol Maoz. To date, King’s matriculation reflects an impressive and diverse list of colleges and universities that best fit the unique interests and goals of its students. 

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Design Thinking Provides Solutions to Real-World Issues

Upper School students built a three-dimensional model city made of buildings and vehicles designed to address real-world issues. “To begin the project, students were prompted to empathize with a cause or community and ask themselves, ‘who do I want to help and what do they need?’ Once they have defined a problem they would like to solve, they began formulating ideas for how the design of their prototype might provide a solution to that problem,” said art and design teacher Naomi Clark. This process is known as design thinking.  

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