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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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The Power of Inquiry

Every aspect of the King experience prioritizes and optimizes engagement through an inquiry-based approach to learning — from the broad variety of immersive learning experiences to the intentional efforts to reach and engage every child at every developmental stage.  

Our educational philosophy is centered around developing in students the research skills they need to tackle real-life problems, and we know that true engagement leads to the highest level of individual student achievement. We encourage students to identify problems, ask complex questions, and seek solutions. In this process, students engage at the deepest level, draw from multiple disciplines, develop a range of skills, and establish a depth of knowledge. Students take on greater academic challenges and find the greatest opportunity for growth when they are discovering, exploring, and participating.

This is what we do at King School at every grade level and in every discipline.

The King teaching methodology is guided by educational best practices and focused on strong relationships with faculty and mentors — creating a foundation for lifelong curiosity and purpose.  King prioritizes the development of intellectual skills such as analysis and synthesis, collaboration, content mastery, deep understanding of central concepts, and an acute awareness of the interconnections between distinct subject areas. By fostering these qualities, we equip our students with the tools necessary to navigate a complex world, enabling them to thrive. This deeply engaging style of learning sets students up for their post-secondary goals. Just as importantly, it helps them to succeed when they get there – and it sets them up for a fulīŦlled and happy life beyond that.

Seeking Truth

At King, students in all divisions contemplate three essential questions: 

  1. Who am I?
  2. Who are we?
  3. How do I know what's true?

These questions permeate all of our inquiry and project-based activities, allowing us to engage our students at the deepest level possible. At this deep level, ideas take on meaning in the light of previous knowledge and experience, and this meaning forms memories. This combination of meaning and memory produces lasting wisdom and understanding, which is how learning truly happens.

King’s consciousness of the levels of interaction between deep questions and concrete knowledge is central to what makes King’s teaching and learning approach different. It is also why inquiry-based learning happens across all divisions here, further setting our school apart and allowing us to be very intentional in our course development.

Support at Every Level

Inquiry-based learning is not one-size-fits-all. As students move through different developmental stages, they engage in increasingly sophisticated and discipline-specific content and skill-building activities. The questions students ask and that are posed by their teachers also become more complex over time. To bolster these areas of methodology and pedagogy, we have assessment and instruction meetings to develop teachers’ skills on an ongoing basis. Our holistic approach ensures that King delivers inquiry-based instruction and project-based work across all three divisions. 

Lower school student

Lower School

The Power of Curiosity

We create an environment that elevates wonder, curiosity, and joy. Our program is an interactive, hands-on experience that nurtures a love of learning and working with others.

PreKindergarten and Kindergarten

Grades 1-5

Middle school science student

Middle School

The Power of Discovery

We foster self-discovery and encourage students to explore their academic, artistic, and athletic talents in ways that promote balance, growth, and overall wellness.

Grades 6-8

Boy on computer

Upper School

The Power of Possibility

We empower students by emphasizing self-knowledge, expansive learning, and courageous thinking. These qualities lead to happy and healthy lives that are filled with possibility.

Grades 9-12