Our Academics Set Us Ahead. 

King School serves students in Grades PreK-12 and implements a student-centered and inquiry-based approach that combines both rigor and heart and helps students develop a research mindset.

Throughout their years at King, students engage in student-driven inquiry and experiential learning. The King teaching methodology is guided by educational best practices and focused on strong relationships with faculty and mentors — creating a foundation for lifelong curiosity and purpose. 

Our Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching and Learning

Because of our commitment to deep and transformational learning, our educational philosophy is centered around developing in students the research skills they need to tackle real-life problems. We believe this is the most engaging way for students to learn and make an impact in their communities. 

From discovering the world around them in Prekindergarten to crafting complex and multidisciplinary senior projects, King School students embrace learning through discovery and hands-on experiences. Students can participate in different activities and explore new interests. There is no mold at King. Students can become both artists and athletes, mathematicians and historians, archeologists and entrepreneurs.

The curriculum is comprised of opportunities that promote the development of intellectual ability; communication and problem-solving skills; an awareness of the complexities of our rapidly changing world; and an appreciation of and responsibility for others.

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