A Better Standard for Education

When students are known, supported, and understood at a school, they feel more confident in exploring new things and taking risks. As a result, they are more likely to discover new strengths and push beyond what’s required to “make the grade.”

From discovering the world around them in PreKindergarten to crafting senior projects, King School students thrive as they embrace teaching and learning experiences that are age appropriate, spur self-discovery, and inspire greater ambitions. Classmates and teachers become trusted collaborators, mentors, and sounding boards.

Open Minds. Courageous Thinking.


Educational and Curricular Philosophy

At King, we believe that our students bring a unique blend of interests and talents to the educational experience. The faculty designs a variety of programs that inspire individuality through the process of intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, and social inquiry and expression.

The curriculum is comprised of opportunities that promote the development of intellectual ability; communication and problem solving skills; an awareness of the complexities of our ever changing world; and an appreciation of and responsibility for others.

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