Early Childhood

Dr. Karen Eshoo, Head of School, describes how early childhood education sets the stage for success in cognitive, social, and emotional development. King School intentionally nurtures a growth mindset, supports project based learning, and fosters students’ social and emotional growth.

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We invite you to learn about the Academic Preschool and Private Kindergarten programs at King School. Explore the King Lower School benefits below, browse the LS Curriculum, and check out the LS News and Events. If you feel King Lower School might be right for your child, click the links below to inquire for more information about the school, schedule an on campus visit or to view our online application.

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Inspiring students to be confident learners

Kindergarten Faculty

"I embrace every moment as a teachable moment and in doing so I focus on the most meaningful ways for each student to learn."

Private PreKindergarten & Kindergarten

Begin your academic journey in the King Lower School where our excellent, caring Faculty help students develop a foundation of skills vital for future learning and success. Faculty are deeply committed to King's approach to teaching and learning. We believe knowing students well is crucial for learning, because students who feel known and understood are more likely to engage fully.

King Full Day and Half Day PreK and Full Day Kindergarten students actively and joyfully experience a wonderful balanced program that develops both academic and social skills through intentionally-designed curricular experiences. The King Lower School program nurtures a love of learning and working with others, and teaches students how to ask questions, make discoveries, think critically, and analyze and solve problems. The core of our PreKindergarten and Full Day Kindergarten program focuses on Language Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Social Studies, and our additional Specialist subjects and courses expand students’ learning even further.

Language Arts

  • Readers and Writers workshop approach engages students with material that is of high interest and aligns with their personal goals. Students develop as avid and skilled readers and writers.
  • Teachers address whole group skills and differentiate for the needs of each student within smaller groups and one-on-one meetings.

Science, TECHnology, engineering & math (STEM)

  • Students observe, discover, predict, and question.
  • Makerspace, Lower School Science Lab, Computer Science Media Center, and classroom activities all provide inspiration and tools for students to tinker and practice designing solutions to real world problems, so students gain a greater sense of self-confidence and purpose.
  • Highly respected Singapore Math Program is supported with hands-on activities and manipulatives, helping students move from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract.
  • Learn more about STEM

Social Studies

  • Children learn to view the world through a variety of perspectives to understand their role as a member of a global community.
  • We value primary sources as students get to know the King community and local area, engaging in direct and meaningful experiences.
  • Songs, stories and art projects encourage students to appreciate national, cultural, and religious diversity.


  • Students explore Spanish, Library, Art, Music, and Physical Education.