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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Art and Design

The Power of Creativity

Viewing the World Through the Eyes of an Artist

At King School, art is not just a subject — it's a whole new way of perceiving the world. Our art students embark on a transformative journey that encourages them to see through the eyes of an artist. Our artists immerse themselves in a creative process, cultivate their imagination, explore their individuality, and gain the confidence to express themselves. 

Mastering the Palette of Skills: Communicate, Think Critically, Create, Collaborate

Our program goes beyond nurturing artistic talent; it hones essential skills for life. We understand the power of effective communication in the art world. Students learn to share their thoughts, ideas, and questions while mastering various media. They develop critical thinking by analyzing artworks and understanding the artists, genres, and cultures behind them. Through group critiques and self-assessment, students gain new perspectives and appreciate the nuanced nature of art. 

At King School, inquiry and exploration are at the heart of everything we do. Students embrace innovation, explore different techniques and ideas, and bring their artistic visions to life. Collaboration is key — we encourage teamwork, sharing critiques, ideas, and skills to benefit from the collective wisdom of peers.

Art student and teacher

Unleashing Originality, Personal Vision, Experiences, Novel Approaches

Our curriculum revolves around the OPEN project — an embodiment of our students’ artistic journey. Regardless of grade level, every art class participates in this transformative experience. OPEN, or Original, Personal, Experienced, and Novel, empowers students to express their unique vision in original and innovative ways. Our artists design their own projects and engage in inquiry, research, and experimentation. The OPEN project is all about ownership and creativity, allowing students to explore and unleash their artistic potential.


Two students working on project together.

An Artistic Intersection: Where Disciplines Meet

We believe in the power of interdisciplinary connections. Students benefit from interdisciplinary work that better reflects the real world and keeps students highly engaged. For example, an art class partners with the History Department's "Baseball and American Culture" class and the Innovation Lab to explore the dynamic intersections between art and other fields. Our Global Art History and Themes in Global Art courses expand students’ understanding of art across cultures and time periods, enriching the learning experiences. Students immerse themselves in fresh perspectives and diverse techniques by engaging with visiting artists who work directly with our students.


Areas of study include painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, ceramics, sculpture, and digital media, including photography, animation, filmmaking, web and graphic design.

Lower School

Building Foundations, Exploring Cultures, Expressing with Pride

Lower School Art Student

In the Lower School, we lay the groundwork for artistic exploration and expression. Students work with various mediums, delve into different cultures, and build essential skills. They discover the elements of art and principles of design and let their creativity run free. 

Middle School

Exploring Identity, Promoting Creativity

Middle School Art

In Middle School, students hone their skills and focus on personal expression. They develop abilities in various art forms while exploring their unique identity and artistic voice, gain confidence in their abilities, and find their artistic footing. In Grade 8, students can immerse themselves deeper in the arts by choosing to major in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, or both.

Upper School

Expressing Themes, Visionary Projects

Upper School Art Student

In the Upper School, art and design become a graduation requirement, highlighting our commitment to the arts. Students transition from skill-building to developing personal themes and visionary projects. They explore their chosen themes, working on self-designed problems and projects throughout the year. The culminating Art Colloquium during the senior year is a celebration of creativity, self-expression, and personal growth.

Art and Design in Action

Seniors Present Capstone Portfolios at Art Colloquiums

At this year's Art Colloquiums, seniors presented their culminating OPEN capstone portfolios after years of artistic exploration. The presentations at the Performing Arts Center showcased the students' personal growth and creative experimentation throughout their time at King. Themes of personal evolution, societal reflection, and artistic exploration were evident throughout the presentations, highlighting the diverse talents and perspectives of the graduating class.

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Beyond Baseball - Exploring American History Through Athletics and Art

Students took a journey into the heart of American history through the lens of the nation's beloved pastime in the upper school History course "Stars, Stripes, Seams, & Stitches: Baseball & American Culture.” The semester-long study, designed and taught by History Department Chair Patrick O’Neill, uses baseball as a lens to investigate and assess complex historical and societal issues while examining the origins and expansion of the game from the late 19th to the late 20th century. The course, now in its second year, was conceived out of a desire to explore American history in a unique way.

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Middle and Upper School Students Explore Cyanotype Printing With Visiting Artist Leah Caroline

Upper and middle school students explored the art of cyanotype printing from Monday, December 4, to Friday, December 8, with visiting artist Leah Caroline, culminating in a large-scale installation in the Performing Arts Center. Cyanotype is a nineteenth-century photographic printing technique originally used for recording natural elements. In this process, plant materials, found objects or film negatives are placed on chemically treated paper or fabric, exposed to sunlight, and then developed in water. This development process transforms the paper from a bright yellow-green to a brilliant Prussian blue, leaving the unexposed areas white. 

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King’s Art and Design Program Blends Technique With Personal Expression

King School’s Art and Design program provides students across divisions with a strong technical foundation to express their ideas and identities in visual form. As students explore different techniques and ideas, they bring their artistic visions to life. Whether it's sketching en plein air, sculpting in our studios, or harnessing the power of digital illustration, artists thrive throughout King, refining their skills and enhancing their capacity to communicate through the language of art.

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Corina Alvarezdelugo Named Art Educator of the Year

Upper School Art Teacher Corina Alvarezdelugo was recently named the 2023 Connecticut Outstanding Art Educator of the Year by the Connecticut Art Education Association (CAEA), a professional organization which represents the art teachers of the state. Alvarezdelugo earned the recognition for her work cultivating artistic growth and critical thought in her students by offering a multidimensional and rich multicultural curriculum.

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The Morning Show Teases Season 2

This week, “The Morning Show” returned with a teaser for the second season of the episodic, student-produced series on Tuesday, October 10. The show was created by Connor Neary ’25. Previous productions included athletic highlight reels, a promotional video for the King 5K, short student and teacher interviews, and a podcast. Connor expanded the show this year by creating a club to support the production. “The Morning Show” Club allows more students to contribute ideas and segments. 

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Nine Students Present at the Art Colloquium Earning Distinctions

Culminating a years of research and self-discovery in the arts, nine senior advanced art students presented capstone projects at two Art Colloquia in the Performing Arts Center at King School in late April. The presentations result from the school’s O.P.E.N project experience: Original, Personal, Experiential, and Novel, with the advanced students spending an entire year exploring a theme of their choosing. Students used different mediums to explore topics including the environment, human behavior, geology, and technology creating work that reflect their interests or experiences.

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Putting Art in Perspective

In the first part of their linear perspective unit, Grade 8 students majoring in Art and Design created murals in the Middle School, demonstrating their knowledge of one-point perspective. Working from initial sketches, students carefully placed and trimmed colorful masking tape to create the illusion of depth on the flat walls. After Spring Break, students will use this experience to inform work using a two-point perspective.

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