King Connects

King Connects is an alumni/student mentorship program designed to provide a meaningful experience for our students to learn from alumni in the fields that they are most passionate about pursuing in their journey after King.

As we continue to advance the mission of our school to be a premier research-based institution and foster a lifetime love of learning, this program will provide experiential learning and mentoring for students that will set them apart from their peers.

About King Connects

Hear from some of our mentees!

" I want to be a part of the mentorship program to start networking early with people who share similar interests with me and who are experts in fields that I might want to go into. "
- Maddy B, interested in research (humanities)

" Some of the things I hope that this mentor would be able to give me are tips to help make my dreams come true, provide answers to questions that I’ll have, and help ease my mind when I start to think about the challenges I’ll face in my future after high school. "
- Lilah S, interested in business

" I would like to explore my career path and a mentor could ensure I don’t lose focus, continue down that road even when I am distracted by day-to-day pressures and define key goals. "
- Leonardo B, interested in finance

" I think it would be great to work in a field where I could use my history knowledge and skills to my advantage. "
- Tommy H, interested in finance, accounting, banking

" I think working directly with someone who is actively making a difference can inspire me and push me to become better. I hope to learn more about specific opportunities that may open up to me and how to take advantage of those opportunities. "
- Catie B, interested in social work

" I have also grown in my overall interest in my family’s native country of Ghana, and one day wish to hold political office there. Convening with a mentor would help me learn techniques and provide opportunities to discuss such topics with those who have experience working in those fields. "
- Adom L, interested in public service

" I'd like to be part of this program so I can learn what kinds of jobs are legitimate in the fields I'm interested in, how realistic my choices are, and I'd also just be so excited to learn about other people's stories and how they got to where they are now. "
- Luisa S, interested in entertainment

" I believe that this opportunity of working with king alumni will not only allow me to grow with my passion to work with people and make a difference, but also to begin networking with professionals within the field to create connections for during and after college. "
- Ashley F, interested in social work

" I feel that a mentorship program is the perfect first step of my journey to discovering what I want to make out of my life post-King."
- Kenny B, interested in law