Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Academics

The Middle School program provides for continuous academic progress through the development of basic learning skills, application of organized information, pursuit of personal interests, and integration of varied subject material. Often an entire unit is built around a central question, and subsequent lessons become a student-directed quest for answers.

We have identified communication, intellectual processing, character development, and personal growth as key concepts required for students to pursue lives of learning and accomplishment, personal fulfillment, and social responsibility. Teachers, Advisors, and Coaches carefully thread elements of these four areas throughout all lessons over the middle school years.

Competency Areas for Middle School

Grade Level Program Overview

Middle School Course Offerings

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Because of the variety of course offerings available, middle school schedules can vary dramatically from student to student.

*College Preparatory and Honors Levels offered

Supporting Our Students


Each grade is assigned a faculty member who works with the entire class to plan and coordinate activities, programs, and service projects. The primary role of the Grade Team Leader is to encourage the growth and development of each individual class member, to promote teamwork within the class and among the MS grades, and to work with them to develop grade-specific advisory activities and goals. 


The Student Support Team (SST) comprises the Head of the Middle School, the Middle School Counselors, the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Dean of Student Life, and the Middle School Coordinator for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This group meets regularly to review programs, student progress and wellness, and parent education. The SST also collaborates closely with advisors and Team Leaders to ensure consistent or programmatic implementation through Advisory and Life Skills curriculum.  


The Middle School Dean of Student of Life is responsible for contributing to and communicating a focused plan for sustaining student wellness and promoting a positive divisional culture. The Dean also builds strong partnerships with students, families, and faculty, creating a safe, supportive school climate. The Dean oversees the facilitation of course schedules, coordination of advisory activities and themes, and disciplinary matters for each grade. 


The Director of Teaching and Learning is the division’s primary resource for learning and teaching. As a certified learning specialist, the Director assists and guides students with certain aspects of their studies; coordinates action plans designed to capitalize on student strengths to aid in their academic improvement; and monitors student progress. The Director also teaches Strategy courses. Additionally, the Director functions as a resource for faculty, parents, and students. The Director assists teachers in developing teaching approaches and creating assessments that meet the individual needs of their students, demanding more of those students who are ready for a challenge, and assisting those in need of guidance. Finally, the Director compiles the Cognitive Profile Summaries and helps faculty by pointing out areas of strength in each student’s profile which lead to individual programmatic changes aimed at developing student strengths.