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Endless Self-Discovery

Middle School is a time of significant change cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically for adolescents. At King School, we create opportunities for our students to develop a genuine understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world around them. 

Communication, intellectual and creative processing, character development, and personal growth are key competency areas designed to encourage academic achievement, personal fulfillment, and social responsibility.

King School encourages self-discovery and builds their confidence to explore their passions. We create a student-centered environment in a private school where children thrive because they can become “both/and”: a rower and a robot-maker, a designer and a goalie, a chemist and a choreographer.

Paths to Excellence in the Middle School


A Better Standard for Middle School

When adolescents can delve into an expansive range of interests and topics, they are more likely to discover the multitude of their talents and passions, as well as identify opportunities for growth. Students who feel supported in keeping open minds ask, “What’s next?” and “Why not?” as they look to their futures. As a private middle school in Stamford, CT, King promotes this self-exploration and self-awareness, encouraging students to discover their academic, artistic, and athletic talents in ways that foster balance, growth, and overall wellness.

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“I’ve learned that anyone can make a difference, whether packing a lunch for someone, helping kids with homework, or running a 5K in support of other children.”

— Finleigh B., Middle School student

“I had to give a speech when I ran for student council. Having that extra confidence boost from being able to perform on stage was really helpful.”

— Gouri K., Middle School student

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Middle School in Action

Global Scholars Explore Geography Around the World

Using the SQ3R study method of surveying, questioning, reading, reciting, and reviewing, sixth grade students explored the geography of regions around the world. This five-step process is designed to encourage understanding of a text by engaging the reader throughout the research process. Under the guidance of history teacher Dana Karin, the students studied Africa, Latin America, Monsoon Asia, and Southwest and Central Asia and then designed a poster to present their research. 

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What Does Activism Look Like?

From climate change to education reform, eighth grade students at King School are exploring the role of rights and resistance for political or social change through activism. English teacher Stephanie Hoos and history teacher Kenneth Lewis paired up to propose the essential question, “What does activism look like?” The two teachers put together a list of over 80 activists under the age of 25 for the students to research. 

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Middle School Conducts a Kindness Campaign

Kindness is central at King, so when a few students found a pocket of free time after school, it was recognized as an opportunity, and “Give Back Tuesday'' was born. “We thought of community-based partnerships and a way that would really reach home during the holiday season,” said Ben Magidson, Associate Head of Middle School and Middle School Dean of Student Life. Magidson began working with members of the community to spearhead the initiative.

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