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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Middle School

The Power of Discovery

Middle School,  Grades 6-8, is a time of significant change cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically for adolescents. At King, we create opportunities for our students to develop a genuine understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world around them. 

Communication, intellectual and creative processing, character development, and personal growth are key competency areas designed to encourage academic achievement, personal fulfillment, and social responsibility.

King encourages self-discovery and builds their confidence to explore their passions. We create a student-centered environment where children thrive because they can become “both/and”: a rower and a robot-maker, a designer and a goalie, a chemist and a choreographer.

Looking for Grade 5?

King has an intentionally designed  program that prepares students for Middle School.

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Throughout the Middle School, inquiry-based learning highlights student voice and choice.

Students formulate their own essential questions and use them to guide their exploration and learning. From their opening experiences in Middle School University in Grade 6 to their independent Grade 8 READY project, where they explore an area of passion or interest, students investigate questions ranging from Who am I? to What does my community need from me? 

Middle School faculty look for and are trained to seek opportunities in and out of the classroom where students can engage in learning through the process of questioning, information gathering and evaluation, application, and revision. Moments like this include but are not limited to outdoor education experiences at a local environmental preserve, simulations designed to solve current global issues, and interdisciplinary studies of various topics. 

Everything in the inquiry-based approach to learning in the King Middle School cultivates curiosity and fosters self-discovery.

King guides every student in the discovery of who they are and how they learn. Students explore a wide variety of fields and topics deeply and intentionally. They seek to understand the ways that strong communities are built upon differences both in experience and perspective. Only then can students begin to see learning as a way to understand their community, their place in the world, and the possibilities they possess to drive positive change.

Dr. Josh Deitch, Head of Middle School

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Middle School in Action

Second Semester R.E.A.D.Y. Projects Highlight Inquiry-Based Education

In the two years since its launch, the Grade 8 Research, Experience, Action, Designed by You (R.E.A.D.Y.) Projects have proved to be an incredible catalyst for deep inquiry-based learning in King’s Middle School. On Monday, May 20, students who completed projects in their second semester shared work with friends, faculty, and family. Presentations spanned the middle school atrium and Main Commons, where crowds gathered to learn about topics of student interest in science, athletics, engineering, and more.

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Discovering Self Under the Sea

King Middle School's fabulous production of the classic tale “The Little Mermaid” marked the final theatrical show of the academic year. The play marks the first students-chosen script, an episodic piece that required full cooperation among the 21 actors, 10 student crew members, and four backstage adults to make the magic happen.

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Students Host Living History Events for Holocaust Remembrance Day

In commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 6, middle and upper school students took a step into the past, hosting two separate events that brought the harrowing accounts of Holocaust survivors directly to King. Through intimate interviews, the students heard testimonials and considered the unsettling proximity of the historical devastation to our present day.

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Grade 6 Poetry Lesson Inspires Self-Reflection

Grade 6 students showcased introspective poems inspired by Thanhhà Lai’s book "Inside Out & Back Again" to peers and parents, marking the culmination of a recent literature lesson. Under English teacher Jenna Sotire's guidance, students learned poetic devices and crafted poems rich in figurative language and sensory detail. Delving into personal reflections prompted by the book, students found a meaningful connection to their own lives, fitting seamlessly into the curriculum's overarching question of self-discovery.

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Students Float Ideas in Grade 6 Science

Culminating weeks of lessons, labs, and homework, students in Grade 6 put their knowledge to the test during the annual STEM Build-a-Boat Challenge. The competition tasked groups of students with designing and constructing a boat less dense than water at room temperature to ensure its buoyancy. While students had nearly unlimited access to materials, each material came with a fictional cost, with the total budget calculated into each vessel’s final score.

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King Hosts Ninth El Sistema Residency, Welcoming Musicians From Across the Northeast

Last weekend, King School’s Performing Arts Center reverberated with passion as 160 students, 20 professional musicians, and numerous dedicated parent volunteers convened for the ninth annual El Sistema residency. The beloved event was a testament to King’s commitment to music and its ability to foster connections between communities of different socioeconomic backgrounds, give voice to diverse cultural identities, and amplify lived experiences.

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