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We invite you to learn about the benefits of attending King's Private Middle School below, browse the MS curriculum, and check out the Middle School in Action stories and Events. If you feel King Middle School might be right for your child, click the links below to inquire for more information about the school, schedule an on campus visit or to view our online application.

In the Middle School, the key to academic excellence stems from:

Opportunities for students to engage with a thoughtfully designed, sophisticated program in the liberal arts and sciences that requires students to be active, in-depth learners

Commitment to Academic Excellence
A typical day might find you analyzing a Shakespearian soliloquy, dissecting a sheep’s liver, writing script in Python, or debating the appropriate role of the United States in global affairs. The course level options ensure you are challenged, with MS students often qualifying to take high school mathematics and language classes by Grade 8. You will be paired with a Faculty Advisor who knows you well and can provide guidance. LEARN MORE.

Delve into STEM as you learn to think like a scientist, use technology as a creative tool, and develop a passion for math. You'll enjoy project based experiments and presentations as you build a rocket and work with LEGO robotics. In Computer Science and Digital Applications' classes, you will more deeply understand digital photography, filmmaking, 3-D printing, robotics, and coding in Scratch and Python. LEARN MORE.

Reading and Writing
You will approach texts from multiple perspectives, strengthening your inferential skills. Your writing and thinking will evolve as classroom workshops and whole-class novels help you gain more abstract understandings of text. Active classroom debate will enable you to sharpen your speaking skills. LEARN MORE.

Enriching Opportunities
Self-exploration is a key component of the MS program. You prepare for high school while exploring your academic, artistic, and athletic talents in a way that fosters balance and overall wellness. Whether you’re developing a working catapult or an analytical essay, filming a historical documentary, performing at the Berklee Jazz Festival, performing in the spring musical, competing with one of our 19 MS sports teams, or working with Student Council, King MS will help you expand your interests and build your talents.

Support by Exceptional Faculty

Exceptional Faculty
Our private middle school Faculty are dedicated to being experts in their subject area and in the field of adolescent learning and development. Our teachers relish the opportunity to engage with you in an exploration of complex academic topics, but also understand how to help you organize your materials and time, and how to guide you through your middle school career with kindness and perseverance. MEET OUR FACULTY.

King's Approach to Teaching and Learning
Our teachers know the power of using their students' interests, learning patterns, and personal goals to drive rigorous academic exploration. MS Faculty use the latest educational research to guide student-centered instruction. Our comprehensive Student Learning Profile System deepens faculty understanding of each student’s learning strengths, challenges, and goals, and our MS teachers actively contribute to and draw from this rich knowledge base to support our students’ development over time as they move through our challenging academic program and strive to achieve their personal best. LEARN MORE.

A Kind, Respectful Community

Our deep belief in the King Virtues -- Integrity, Kindness, Perseverance, and Respect -- support you as a valued member of a community where you can feel appreciated for your contributions while also feeling comfortable learning from your mistakes and taking academic risks. You will develop a deep understanding of and respect for diversity, and the wide variety of cultures, ethnicities, and perspectives that comprise the human experience. You can volunteer each week with the MS King Cares Service Club. LEARN MORE.

Middle School in Action

The Student becomes the Teacher: Grade 7 works with ESL classes

Earlier this month, Grade 7 students went to Building One Community (B1C) in Stamford to teach adults the English translation for members of a family. Once there, King students were paired with ESL students and worked on language skills using different methods explored in their Mandarin, Spanish, or French classes at King. The young students explained the translation of English word for members in a family tree.

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MS Students Explore Japanese Culture with the Greenwich School partnership

The Grade 8 Japanese School partnership has been part of the MS curriculum for eight years and seeks to create social connections for students. Our students learn to acknowledge and respect a culture much different than their own and practice kindness with a diverse group of kids. These are the important themes and beauty of the partnership and the cornerstone of our Virtues.

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