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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Middle School


The Power of Discovery

Middle School,  Grades 6-8, is a time of significant change cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically for adolescents. At King, we create opportunities for our students to develop a genuine understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world around them. 

Communication, intellectual and creative processing, character development, and personal growth are key competency areas designed to encourage academic achievement, personal fulfillment, and social responsibility.

King encourages self-discovery and builds their confidence to explore their passions. We create a student-centered environment where children thrive because they can become “both/and”: a rower and a robot-maker, a designer and a goalie, a chemist and a choreographer.

Looking for Grade 5?

King has an intentionally designed  program that prepares students for Middle School.

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Self-Discovery in the Middle School

King guides every student in the discovery of who they are and how they learn. Students explore a wide variety of fields and topics deeply and intentionally. They seek to understand the ways that strong communities are built upon differences both in experience and perspective. Only then can students begin to see learning as a way to understand their community, their place in the world, and the possibilities they possess to drive positive change.

Dr. Josh Deitch, Head of Middle School

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Middle School in Action

Grade 8 Debates Issues in Model U.N. Simulation

King School’s Grade 8 played the role of delegates facing a United Nations Committee in an activity that marked the end of a yearlong study of American foreign policy and the United States’ role in the world today. Under the guidance of history teacher Kenneth Lewis, students debated global issues with one another as part of a Model U.N. simulation in their history class in mid-May. 

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An Affinity for Belonging

Members of the middle school affinity group, Students of Color at King (SOCK), enjoyed food, games, and bonding with upper school students from the Black Student Union (BSU), Hispanic and Latin American Affinity Group, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Affinity Group (AAPI) over lunch on Wednesday, April 13. Led by faculty advisors, the cross-divisional gathering inspired conversation and camaraderie in a welcoming setting.

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Students Lead in Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences

Taking ownership of learning is an essential aspect of the middle school experience. King guides students in discovering who they are and how they learn. Part of this development is having students lead the traditional Parent-Teacher Conferences. The result is meetings that foster accountability and encourage students to develop self-advocacy skills. Open communication channels yield better academic performance and strengthen student relationships with teachers and family.

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Putting Art in Perspective

In the first part of their linear perspective unit, Grade 8 students majoring in Art and Design created murals in the Middle School, demonstrating their knowledge of one-point perspective. Working from initial sketches, students carefully placed and trimmed colorful masking tape to create the illusion of depth on the flat walls. After Spring Break, students will use this experience to inform work using a two-point perspective.

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