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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Lower School


The Power of Curiosity

Powered by Students’ Questions and Perspectives

At King, curiosity leads to exploration and exploration leads to mastery of foundational skills in all areas of the curriculum. We create an environment that elevates wonder, curiosity, and joy. Our youngest students’ curiosity is maximized because we honor their questions and consider their perspectives as we build strong educational foundations. As a result, they develop the confidence and accountability to discover and explore.

When young children are encouraged to ask questions and make their own discoveries, they become good listeners and critical thinkers who gain the confidence to take on challenges and seize unlimited possibilities. King School’s program is an interactive, hands-on experience that nurtures a love of learning and working with others. 

King’s teachers create learning opportunities that incorporate students’ ideas and interests; our program encourages students to ask questions, gather data, learn research skills, make models, and share their learning with their peers.

Lower School Inspires Curiosity in Young Children

We believe that curiosity is a natural ability that children bring to their learning – we encourage students to ask questions, make discoveries, think critically, analyze and solve problems, be good listeners, and have fun being involved in the dynamic process of learning. We value every child and build strong, safe classroom communities where exploration and discovery lead to mastery. 

Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff, Head of Lower School

Early Childhood students

Early Childhood

Prekindergarten and Kindergarten

Starting at age 3, students in our early childhood program explore the world around them through an approach to teaching and learning known as the Reggio Emilia-inspired methodology. This child-centered and self-guided method allows students to explore, make connections, and learn from their environment.    

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Lower School Students

Elementary School

Grades 1-5

Students are encouraged to ask questions and make their own discoveries. Our lower school program is an interactive, hands-on experience that nurtures a love of learning and working with others. As they build mastery of skills, students continue to apply their natural curiosity; they learn and express their understanding of the world through discovery, project-based learning, and play. 

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Lower School in Action

Exploring Identity Through Global Art

A months-long study of the geometry found in different cultures sparked brilliant artwork by second grade students, which they recently presented in the Lower School. Inspired by geometric paintings commonly found in the homes of the South African Ndebele people, horizontal patterns common in Ghanaian kente cloth, and symmetrical motifs found in Islamic mosaics, the students produced original pieces infused with colors, patterns, and shapes.

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Exploring Horses in the Lower School

It was a chilly October morning when Prekindergarten teacher Jen Agro saw horses at King for the first time. Her students were way ahead of her, galloping around the schoolyard on cushions, bucking and neighing to each other. Over the next several days, stables sprouted up in the PreK classroom and horses were present throughout the school day. Within the week, Agro could see a course of study come into focus.

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Visiting Artist Jeila Gueramain Meets With Lower School

As part of the King School Visiting Artists Program, artist Jeilla Gueramain kicked off her residency this week with a lower school assembly during which she discussed her artistic inspiration and process. The King School Visiting Artists Program is an opportunity to enrich, enhance and inspire the visual arts students’ experience at King, providing them with an immersive experience. 

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