Lower School

We invite you to learn about the benefits of attending King's Private Lower School below, browse the LS curriculum, and check out the Lower School in Action Stories and Events. If you feel King Lower School might be right for your child, click the links below to inquire for more information about the school, schedule an on campus visit or to view our online application.

In the Lower School, the key to academic excellence stems from:

Opportunities for students to engage with a thoughtfully designed, sophisticated program in the liberal arts and sciences that requires students to be active, in-depth learners

Commitment to Academic Excellence
You will experience an enriching, rigorous, academic curriculum. An experiential and interactive program will nurture your love of learning and working with others, and teach you how to ask questions, make discoveries, think critically, analyze and solve problems. LEARN MORE.

You will immerse yourself in the study and hands-on experience of science, technology, engineering, and math. You learn about environmental stewardship by working in the LS garden and befriending King’s Environmental Ant superhero. You will use iCreate to develop short films. You'll build and program robots. Imagine in PreK, you’ll read “Three Billy Goats Gruff,” and then plan and create a bridge that is high enough for the troll to fit under and strong enough to hold all three goats! The Singapore Math Program will teach you solid skills in numeracy, pattern recognition, and geometric relationships. LEARN MORE.

Reading and Writing
You will fall in love with reading by developing skills to connect, comprehend, and respond to your reading. Your writing will blossom as you transform letters into words, sentences, and then complex paragraphs. Your thinking and speaking skills will also evolve as you learn to interpret and share information in more complex ways. LEARN MORE.

Enriching Opportunities
You will have so many opportunities to discover and pursue areas of interest and strength, including: Leadership Council, Math Olympiad, Engineering Club, Lego Robotics, King Children’s Choir, King Children’s Orchestra, after-school art, Service Learning Club and Zumba. You will also enjoy grade level activities, events, and trips, including: Invention Convention, State Fair, Science Fair, Colonial Fair, Poetry Tea, Grade 5 Musical, LS Talent Show, Grandparents’/Special Friends’ Day, Kindergarten Flapjack Breakfast, Moving Up Ceremony, Connecticut Science Museum visit, and Boston visit.

Support by Exceptional Faculty

Exceptional Faculty
You will develop very close relationships with highly knowledgeable and dedicated teachers who are passionate about teaching. They will champion your strengths and talents and challenge you while setting personal goals. MEET OUR FACULTY.

King's Approach to Teaching and Learning
King's approach to teaching and learning helps students advance, develop and mature. Teachers know you as an individual and have an intentionally collaborative approach, meeting weekly to discuss students’ progress. Teachers and parents develop productive partnerships assisting students in reaching their personal best. LEARN MORE.

A Kind, Respectful Community

A safe, nurturing, multicultural community fosters the King Virtues -- Integrity, Kindness, Perseverance and Respect -- enabling you to develop a strong sense of yourself and appreciate the broad range of similarities and differences among people. You will be comfortable taking risks, collaborating and problem-solving. All students participate each month in service projects in class as part of the King Cares Service Program. LEARN MORE.

Lower School in Action

Grade 4 student Ryan Shih stepped onto the stage at Lincoln Center to perform Chopin's Waltz in A Minor

In March when Grade 4 student Ryan Shih stepped onto the stage at Lincoln Center to perform Chopin's Waltz in A Minor, he kept his cool. Despite being just 10 years-old, this was not his first time in this spotlight competing in the Concert Festival International Competition so he knew what to expect.

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