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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Kindergarten at King School

Private Kindergarten in Stamford, CT

Finding the right early education near Stamford can be challenging for parents. Kindergarten children are naturally curious and come to school eager to learn and engage with friends and teachers. Kindergarten students explore their sense of self and their place in the world while developing a sense of responsibility and taking pride in their accomplishments. At King, kindergarten students are joyful learners engaged in a thoughtfully designed kindergarten curriculum, supported by a nurturing, safe community.

Reggio-Inspired Early Childhood Program

At King Lower School, we strive to help young learners reach their personal best to set a foundation for success in elementary school and beyond. Learn more about our kindergarten-level academics within our Early Childhood program by scheduling a tour of King today!

Stamford Kindergarten Programs

Full-Day Kindergarten

In a full day Kindergarten program, students are able to experience a more balanced program that develops both academic and social skills through a wide variety of intentionally-designed curricular experiences.

Children that attend a full-day kindergarten have faculty support, time, and learning opportunities that help them actively and joyfully experience the kindergarten program.

Students develop the resilience and stamina to collaborate, learn, reflect, and grow through a full day program, establishing a foundation to be successful throughout their elementary school years.

The teachers in a full day Kindergarten program are experts in early childhood learning and development. They know how to analyze children’s learning capabilities, partner with students and parents to set learning goals, and then guide students to become the best versions of themselves.

Half-Day Kindergarten

On the other hand, the curriculum for a half day Kindergarten program typically offers less depth and breadth. The shortened time frame needs to squeeze together an academic program and often cannot fit specialist courses or extended time for collaboration, reflection, and meaningful play. Kindergarten teachers of half day programs typically teach both a morning and a separate afternoon group of students, and in having twice as many students, the teachers are not able to know each student as well. In a half day Kindergarten program, students typically do not have enough time to be immersed in a culture of being a learner.

Most children would benefit from the extensive opportunities offered from a full day Kindergarten program including deeper and broader curricular opportunities for cognitive and social development plus stronger student-teacher relationships.

What to expect from King School Kindergarten

At the Kindergarten age, children are naturally curious, ready to ask questions, think critically, analyze and solve problems, make discoveries, and have a lot of fun. A private Kindergarten classroom draws on children’s desire to share ideas with friends, think big, and innovate by engaging children in a dynamic process of learning in order to build a solid foundation for future success in school.

King uses a project-based teaching and learning approach in our PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms to support the developmental range of our students as part of our private early childhood education program

We intentionally nurture a growth mindset and utilize project-based learning in order to establish the foundation for a love of learning and success for a child’s future. Students appreciate different perspectives within a multicultural community that embraces shared values of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect.

Our early childhood program fosters students’ academic, social and emotional growth through intentionally-designed curricular experiences.

Project work is at the core of our PreKindergarten and Kindergarten program.  Project work develops skills in Language Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Social Studies, plus our additional Specialist subjects and courses expand students’ learning even further.

  • Language Arts: Kindergarten children use their growing awareness of letters, words, and sounds to solidify reading and writing skills. Our workshop approach engages students with material that is of high interest and aligns with their personal goals. Students begin to develop as skilled readers and writers as they learn through project work and delve deeply into topics of interest.
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering: Students explore the world around them and develop scientific curiosity. Opportunities to take healthy risks and experiment encourage free scientific exploration and inspiration in the Makerspace, art centers, library/media, and computer science. Students solidify their understanding through field trips, literature, art projects, videos, and hands-on activities.
  • Math: Engaged with the comprehensive Singapore Math Program, students build a deeper understanding of basic mathematical concepts through hands-on, concrete activities and lessons.
  • Social Studies: Kindergarten students learn to see the world in a positive light, and to gain an awareness and appreciation of other people, both within our country and in the larger world. Kindergarten themes include community outreach projects, and celebrating many holidays from around the World. This provides opportunities to experience diversity and foster awareness of other cultures.
  • Specialist Subjects: Students in Kindergarten learn academic and social emotional skills through hands-on projects in Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, King Cares Community Service, and Global Education.

Why Choose a Private Kindergarten?


A question many parents ask is ‘is a private early education worth it? Some consider the public schools in Stamford good, so why choose a private school?

A private education has great benefits, but a private early education makes a huge difference in how your child learns and grows by setting the stage for success in cognitive, social, and emotional development. Research shows that students who see themselves as learners at the youngest ages are most likely to be stronger in school. This early head start will help students thrive beyond elementary, middle, and high school education.

Benefits of Private Kindergarten

  • Sets a strong foundation for learning: The most effective schools emphasize self-knowledge, fearless and deeper learning, and respectful challenge for even the youngest students because all of these encourage a growth mindset. A robust Kindergarten program recognizes that a growth mindset is the key to a healthy child. Young children with a growth mindset typically are more resilient and have a stronger sense of their core self - who they are and what they value - so they can, in turn, empathize with others.
  • Sets a strong foundation for social & emotional development: At a private Kindergarten, students learn to build relationships based on trust, support, and encouragement and this inspires them to be confident learners. Students at this young age need to gain confidence as learners in order to become experienced learners who can work collaboratively with their peers. Experienced learners, in turn, can successfully develop lifelong learning strategies and a love of learning.
  • Builds confidence & collaboration: Teachers have the expertise and resources needed to work meaningfully and collaboratively with Kindergarten students to help them learn problem solving strategies that will assist them mathematically and phonetically as well as support them as they learn to establish and sustain meaningful relationships with classmates. With this guidance, Kindergarten students are able to become independent, inquisitive learners who set personal goals and gain the self-confidence needed to accept academic challenges and to help others.
  • Provides higher level of care and builds a healthy, joyful environment: A low student-teacher ratio gives Kindergarten teachers the opportunity to create an environment in which each student is deeply known and valued so they are much more likely to engage, direct, and find joy in the learning process. Teachers can support students as individuals and design learning opportunities that appropriately challenge and stretch each learner. The individualized attention and guidance helps Kindergarten students who, at this young age, are still developing self-confidence and learning strategies to be kind friends.
  • High tech facilities and classrooms to explore: A private Kindergarten offers a range of resources, including an extensive learning environment suited to Kindergarten students’ propensity to explore new ideas and the world around them. The comprehensive, challenging program stretches a young child by actively engaging them in a wide range of academic, artistic, athletic, and service enrichment opportunities. In order to understand the world and master more complex skills in this Age of Information, Kindergarten students need to have the knowledge and competency in every area of schooling.


Visit King Today to Learn More!

Begin your academic journey in the King Lower School where our excellent, caring faculty help students develop a foundation of skills vital for future learning and success. Our nurturing, experienced faculty will take care of your son or daughter and help them grow into engaged learners who make meaningful connections.

Learn more about our Early Childhood program and schedule a visit today to explore and discover King!