Global Education

At King School, educating our youth to become future global leaders is at the forefront of our curricular mission to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

King Global Education, a comprehensive program woven into the PreK-Grade 12 curriculum, develops students' knowledge of the world's cultural diversity within the context of globalization and change.

By fostering in students an educated awareness of our increasingly interdependent world, King prepares students to recognize the need for their active participation in ethical, cultural, socioeconomic, political, scientific, and environmental issues.

My King Story

Gain Confidence

Katrina Focke '15

"King's support allowed me to gain the confidence to move to France and gave me the guidance and support I needed to become the person I wanted to be."

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We invite you to explore the elements of a King School Global Education below:

PreK-Grade 12 Curriculum

Global Education at King School prepares students for rapidly changing world demands that we provide them with specific content knowledge and teach them to commit to service and to the environment. Students have the opportunity to become fluent in one or more world languages, assume leadership roles, and acquire skills to work collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds.

The Program includes the following practices and outcomes for students:

  • Examining global challenges using a multidisciplinary, multicultural approach that fosters global citizenship awareness
  • Participating in collaborative initiatives that stimulate curiosity and sensitivity to the diversity of our world and environment
  • Appreciating other cultures with different sets of values and beliefs
  • Providing opportunities for leadership, partnerships, and networking
  • Interacting with students from other countries

Certificate of Distinction in Global Studies

Starting in Grade 9 or 10, students can choose to engage in an intensive study of global problems and responses: environmental, socio-economic, diplomatic, and intellectual. Students who follow this course of study can choose to graduate with a Global Studies Distinction.

Capstone in Global Studies Guide

Exchange Programs Abroad and at King

King offers language and cultural programs with a homestay component in, China, France and Spain. Every year, we also host students and teachers from France and Spain for two to three weeks. We also offer opportunities for a semester of study abroad in our partner schools.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Model U.N.: Brown, Harvard, Beijing, and England Model U.N. conferences
  • Global Leadership Symposium (2020)
  • Global Youth Initiative & Global Citizen Summit at Harvard
  • King Clubs: Amnesty International, buildOn, Environment Club and Operation of Hope

Global Citizen's Initiative

King School has been working closely with Global Citizen's Initiative (GCI) with a common goal to prepare students to function across cultures, and to become citizens of the world. Four King students participated in the one-year long GCI fellowship since 2015. The fellowship equips young global citizens with the mindset, skills, and resources necessary to become effective and ethical global leaders. This summer, GCI launched its first professional development seminar for educators to learn the GCI method during the GCI Youth Summit. Educators learn to design and implement an ethics-based leadership curriculum grounded on project-and discussion-based methodologies.

Our GCI Leaders

Alex Kearns


Matt Roer


John Hock


Laurel Jaffe


International Programs: Cultural and Service Experiences Abroad

Below is a list of our international programs for the 2018-2019 school year. Programs and destinations change each year to provide students with a wide range of cultural and/or service experiences abroad.

Upper School

  • China
  • Colombia
  • Greece
  • France
  • Northern Ireland

Middle School

  • Costa Rica
  • Martinique

Parents & Students, please login to access the International Travel resources including itineraries and permission slips.

Global Events

Window into the world

Window into the World are multidisciplinary, all-school events that bring musicians, artists, film producers, and heritage speakers into classes and on stage to provide instructive workshops.

Global Classroom at the United Nations

King partners with the International Cinema Education organization (I.C.E.) to offer an annual Global Classroom. The Global Classroom is a tailor-made program for high school students which uses films, literature and private U.N. briefings as catalysts to facilitate discussions about international events, global finance, cross-cultural affairs, and critical thinking

Guest Speaker Series

Guest speakers enable students to understand a global challenge through memorable testimonies and meaningful analyses by experts. Prior speakers are from Sudan, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and the United Nations.

Global Education in Action

Summer Sabbatical to Vienna Connects Resilience and Psychology for Laura Bowe

Last summer, Laura Bowe, History Faculty, traveled to Vienna on a Faculty Sabbatical, to explore psychology and the lives of Sigmund Freud and Viktor Frankl. Ms. Bowe's sabbatical is one of many ways in which King supports a top quality Professional Growth and Development (PG&D) program, which is a cornerstone of our success.

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Confidence and Leadership fuel six awards for US Model United Nations Team at Harvard Conference

High school delegates from over 50 countries converged on Boston last weekend and 23 King students were in attendance as they participated in the 66th session of the Harvard Model United Nations Conference (HMUN). The highlights for our King team were our acceptances in five application-only specialized agencies, our award recipients in three of these five specialized agencies, our award recipients in a large GA committee, and our special award recipient in the Social Impact project.

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Grade 8 Japanese school partnership fuels friendships and respect

The Grade 8 exchange program with the Greenwich Japanese School (GJS) has been part of the King MS curriculum for ten years. "The most fascinating aspect of the program is the way the students interact considering the language differences. Alternative communication in the way of gestures, smiles, and laughter always make the experience all the more enlightening and enjoyable."

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King Celebrates Culturally Diverse Community with Campus-Wide Flag Installation

In celebration of King's inclusive and diverse global community, flags have been installed in all three divisions that represent the countries native to King's students, parents, faculty, and staff. Following a community survey conducted in the fall, the School identified 65 different countries represented in the King family and the flags of origin were installed, over winter break, in the Upper School lobby, as well as the Middle and Lower Schools.

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King's culture of respect thrives in a kind and inclusive community

How does King School define a kind and inclusive community? Every day our staffulty, students, and parents make a choice to intentionally show consideration and compassion for others. King is committed to our Virtues of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect. One important way we show our commitment to cultivating a kind, inclusive community is by supporting staffulty at the NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) and students at the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC).

Continuing our tradition of participation in these vital conferences, a group of five Upper School students and six staffulty from multiple divisions and disciplines traveled together to Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month for a unique and memorable experience.

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King Students Lead Annual Model United Nations Training Conference

King's annual Model United Nations (MUN) training conference took place last week and was impressively organized and managed by our senior and junior leaders. The MUN Club at King promotes student understanding of international issues and relations; promotes understanding of the role and procedures of the United Nations; fosters public speaking and negotiating skills; enables motivated students to experience contact, and to measure themselves in interaction with able and motivated college preparatory students from around the nation and the world.

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