Global Education

At King School, educating our youth to become future global leaders is at the forefront of our curricular mission to prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. King Global Education, a comprehensive program woven into the PreK-Grade 12 curriculum, develops students knowledge of the world cultural diversity within the context of globalization and change. By fostering in students an educated awareness of our increasingly interdependent world, King prepares students to recognize the need for their active participation in ethical, cultural, socioeconomic, political, scientific, and environmental issues.

King Journeys

We invite you to explore the elements of a King School Global Education below:

PreK-Grade 12 Curriculum

Global Education at King School prepares students for rapidly changing world demands that we provide them with specific content knowledge and teach them to commit to service and to the environment. Students have the opportunity to become fluent in one or more world languages, assume leadership roles, and acquire skills to work collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds.

The Program includes the following practices and outcomes for students:

  • Examining global challenges using a multidisciplinary, multicultural approach that fosters global citizenship awareness
  • Participating in collaborative initiatives that stimulate curiosity and sensitivity to the diversity of our world and environment
  • Appreciating other cultures with different sets of values and beliefs
  • Providing opportunities for leadership, partnerships, and networking
  • Interacting with students from other countries

Certificate of Distinction in Global Studies

Starting in Grade 9 or 10, students can choose to engage in an intensive study of global problems and responses: environmental, socio-economic, diplomatic, and intellectual. Students who follow this course of study can choose to graduate with a Global Studies Distinction.

Exchange Programs Abroad and at King

King offers language and cultural programs with a homestay component in, France, and Spain. Every year, we also host students and teachers from France and Spain for two to three weeks. We also offer opportunities for a semester of study abroad in our partner schools.

Leadership Opportunities

  • Model U.N.: Brown, Harvard, Beijing, and England Model U.N. conferences
  • Global Student Leaders Summit (July 2018 Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary)
  • Global Leadership Symposium
  • Global Youth Initiative & Global Citizen Summit at Harvard
  • King Clubs: Amnesty International, buildOn, Environment Club and Operation of Hope

International Programs: Cultural and Service Experiences Abroad

Below is a list of our international programs for the 2017-2018 school year. Programs and destinations change each year to provide students with a wide range of cultural and/or service experiences abroad.

Upper School

  • France
  • Spain
  • Colombia
  • Global Student Leaders Summit - Berlin

Middle School

  • Costa Rica
  • Martinique

Parents & Students, please login to access the International Travel resources including itineraries and permission slips.

Global Events

Window into the world

Window into the World are multidisciplinary, all-school events that bring musicians, artists, film producers, and heritage speakers into classes and on stage to provide instructive workshops.

Global Classroom at the United Nations

King partners with the International Cinema Education organization (I.C.E.) to offer an annual Global Classroom. The Global Classroom is a tailor-made program for high school students which uses films, literature and private U.N. briefings as catalysts to facilitate discussions about international events, global finance, cross-cultural affairs, and critical thinking

Guest Speaker Series

Guest speakers enable students to understand a global challenge through memorable testimonies and meaningful analyses by experts. Prior speakers are from Sudan, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and the United Nations.

Global Education in Action

MS Students Explore Japanese Culture with the Greenwich School partnership

The Grade 8 Japanese School partnership has been part of the MS curriculum for eight years and seeks to create social connections for students. Our students learn to acknowledge and respect a culture much different than their own and practice kindness with a diverse group of kids. These are the important themes and beauty of the partnership and the cornerstone of our Virtues.

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Three US students bring home awards from Harvard Model United Nations event

King's Model United Nations (MUN) team traveled to Boston last weekend to compete in the Harvard Model UN 2018 and it was another rewarding experience for our students. Our 26 delegates participated actively and enthusiastically, and had valuable learning experiences that will aid them greatly in their future academic and personal endeavors. Congratulations to Jason, Grethe, and Dean as well as the entire MUN team.

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