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Private Elementary School in Stamford, CT

Finding the best elementary education near Stamford can be challenging for parents. Young children bring their innate curiosity to their learning. Elementary school children thrive when they are engaged in a thoughtfully designed curriculum supported by a nurturing, safe community where exploration and discovery is encouraged and leads to mastery.

At King Lower School, we strive to help young learners reach their personal best to set a foundation for success in elementary school and beyond. Learn more about our elementary school academics by scheduling a tour of King today!

What to Expect from King School Elementary school

Elementary school age children are ready to explore, ask questions, make interesting observations, develop deeper mastery, and make meaningful friendships. A private elementary school classroom guides young students to be active leaders in a dynamic process of learning in order to build a solid foundation for future success in school.

At King, we deliberately nurture a growth mindset and use project-based learning in order to establish the foundation for a love of learning and success for a child’s future. Students appreciate different perspectives within a multicultural community that embraces shared values of integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect.

The core of King's private elementary school is our expert faculty who know each of their students as an individual, and consider their students' passions and personal goals when planning lessons and activities. Teachers inspire, challenge, and support students to foster their academic, social, and emotional growth. Our thoughtfully designed curricular experiences focus on Language Arts, STEM, and Social Studies, plus our additional Specialist subjects and courses expand students’ learning even further.

  • Language Arts: Readers and Writers Workshops engage students with material that is relevant to their interests and aligns with their personal goals. Through individual and collaborative work, students emerge as skilled writers and readers.
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering: Students work in the Makerspace, Science Lab, Computer Science Media Center, and Garden, where they get hands-on experience observing, discovering, predicting, and questioning as they practice designing solutions to real world problems. Students are inspired as scientists, gaining self confidence as they take healthy risks and experiment to resolve obstacles.
  • Math: Engaged with the comprehensive Singapore Math Program, students focus on mastering fundamental concepts through hands-on lessons and activities. Students build a solid foundation to be prepared for Middle School algebra and geometry.
  • Social Studies: Elementary school students enjoy activity-based projects, learn research skills, engage in dialogue and debate, and take field-trips, as multiple ways to develop and share their own voice and understand society in an authentic way. Elementary school themes include stories around the world, American history, immigration, American Indians, and geography.
  • Specialist Subjects: Students expand upon the foundation of the core courses by exploring Art, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Global Education, Music, King Cares Community Service, and Physical Education.

Elementary School to Middle School Transition

King School’s Grades 5 and 6 thoughtfully designed program sequence provides an incremental progression into middle school. Research shows that an integrated, intentional approach to the transition between elementary and middle school yields the most significant academic gains and creates more social-emotional stability. Grade 5 students, as leaders of the King elementary school, build the sense of self-advocacy, confidence, and ownership of learning that enables them to build the skills needed to succeed in middle school and high school.

King School’s Grade 5 prepares students to thrive in middle school:

  • Students taught by experts: Experienced homeroom teachers help students develop their skills in English and Social Studies, and subject area teachers guide students in Math, Science, World Languages, Art, and Music. The teachers all partner closely with our PreK-12 Department Chairs.
  • Grade 5 curriculum informed by cross divisional planning: Curricular planning is facilitated by our Grades 5-8 Director of Teaching and Learning and our faculty members, many of whom teach cross-divisionally, understand how to structure the curriculum to prepare students for success in middle school.
  • Students serve as leaders: Proudly acting as role models and leaders in the elementary school, Grade 5 students serve on Leadership Council, organize and lead assemblies, lead enrichment programs, and act as ambassadors during school-wide events.
  • Students develop executive function skills: Grade 5 students learn long-term planning and materials management, becoming increasingly independent and responsible.
  • Grade 5 students grow and form positive relationships across divisions: There are common curricular materials that connect the elementary and middle school Lifeskills’ curriculum. Grade 5 students are mentored by Grade 8 students to learn to problem-solve and self-advocate

Why Choose a Private Elementary School?

Some parents ask ‘what are the benefits of a private elementary school education?’ ‘Can my child do well enough in public school?’

A private education has great benefits, and a private elementary school education makes a huge difference through the onset of adolescence in how your child learns and by establishing the foundation for growth in cognitive, emotional and social development. Research shows that students who see themselves as learners at the youngest ages are most likely to be stronger in school and thrive beyond elementary, middle, and high school education.

Fostering a love of reading

Priya Dohil ‘27

“Ms. Pambianchi taught me to read with my imagination making the story real, so in my head the story plays like a movie.”

Benefits of Private Elementary School

  • Establishes a solid foundation for learning: Effective private schools emphasize self-awareness, authentic challenge, and deep learning starting at a young age because these all foster a growth mindset. A growth mindset is key to a healthy elementary school child who will know how to persevere and will understand a stronger sense of their core self - what they value and who they are - so they can actively engage in their own learning.
  • Sets a strong foundation for social & emotional development: At a private elementary school, students become confident learners and kind friends as they learn to create relationships based on support and trust. Students develop skills to work collaboratively with teachers and classmates. Such foundational skills are part of building lifelong learning strategies and a love of learning.
  • Builds confidence & collaboration: Expert teachers have the resources to partner meaningfully with elementary school students to teach them exploration and problem solving strategies that will start their lifelong journey as scientists, mathematicians, writers and more and to establish essential relationships with classmates. Elementary school students are guided to become independent, fearless learners with the self-confidence to pursue their personal goals and help others.
  • Provides higher level of care and builds a healthy, joyful environment: With a low student-teacher ratio, elementary school teachers can deeply know and value each student so students are more likely to engage, direct, and find joy in the learning process. Private school teachers will be able to create learning opportunities that challenge each learner. When students feel understood and supported individually as people and as learners, they feel safe to take the healthy, intellectual risks needed to share their diverse perspectives and to grow.


  • Offer high tech facilities and classroom space: The extensive resources of a private elementary school supports students’ innate curiosity and encourages them to ask questions and make endless discoveries in the world around them. A robust program actively engages young children in a broad range of academic, artistic, athletic, and service enrichment opportunities. As private elementary school students master a deeper competency in every area of schooling, this enables them to thrive in this complex Age of Information.

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