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King School

An independent day school educating students PreK-Grade 12

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Faculty and Staff Directory


Juscelino Acevedo

Director of Information Technology

Rachel Ackley

History Faculty

Barbara Acosta

Head Girls Varsity Tennis Coach

Jen Agro

PreKindergarten Faculty

Joy Alcantara-Davis

English Faculty

Corina Alvarezdelugo

Art and Design Faculty

Eleanor Bach

Performing Arts Faculty

Sabrina Balducci

Computer Science Faculty

Stephen Baldwin

World Languages Faculty

Diane Barrett

Assistant to Head of Upper School

Katherine Baum

Grade 4 Faculty

Colin Benn

Performing Arts Faculty

Dr. Clyde Beverly

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diana Bivona

After Care Coordinator

Jeremy Bletterman

Dean of Student Life

Dr. Daniel Block

English Faculty

Adam Boaz

Grade 11 Dean

Emily Bollman

History Faculty

Lesley Boltz

Assistant to Head of Middle School

Jake Bosee

Student Learning Supervisor

Laura Bowe

Director of Global Education, Social Sciences Faculty

Carol Brown

Class of 1987
Mathematics Faculty

Jenny Bruno

Grade 5 Mathematics

Leslie Bruzik

Upper School Assistant

Katie Bryant

Head Athletic Trainer

Dawn Bryson

School nurse

Tom Carey

Head Boys Varsity Tennis Coach

Dr. Thomas Castonguay

Science Faculty, Director of STEM

Joe Charles

Director of Communications

Mi Chau

School Counselor

Lindsay Chiodi

Science Faculty, Middle School Science Coordinator

Dr. Gilles Chosson

World Languages Faculty

Lexi Cimmino

Director of Special Events and Alumni Relations

Samantha Clark

Grade 3 Faculty

Alana Clemente-Glover

Associate Director of Development

Marissa Cortese

Director of Annual Giving

Antonio Cotignola

HR Intern

Jessie Coulombe

Director of Teaching and Learning

Jonathan Coulombe

Upper School Dean of Students

Marybeth Crupi

Interim Director of Teaching and Learning

Keelin Daly

Communications Specialist

Amy Darnton

Performing Arts Faculty

Emily Decker

Grade 2 Faculty

Thomas Decker

Athletics Operations Director

Nicholas DeFelice

Chair of Science Department

Dr. Josh Deitch

Head of Middle School

Jaclyn Devon

Registrar and AP Coordinator

Jennifer D'Orta

School Nurse

Barbara Drayer

Director of Development and Alumni Programs

Jenna Du Puis

Mathematics Faculty, Middle School Math Coordinator

Ellen Eagleton

Grade 3 Faculty

Carlos Escalante

Facilities Technician

Ivana Farina

World Languages Faculty

Margherita Farrell

World Languages Faculty and Grade 11 Dean

Ivan Ferrero

World Languages Faculty

Mike Fischthal

Innovation Lab Coordinator

Doug Fishkin

Crew Program Director, Head Coach Varsity Boys Crew (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Michael Florio

Middle School Math Faculty

Christos Galanopoulos

History Faculty, Social Sciences Faculty

Marie Garcia

Middle School English Faculty

Dr. Suzanne Gigante

English Faculty

Emilia Goldstein

Assistant Director of Admission

Omar Gomez

Staff Accountant

Daniel Gouin

Athletics Coordinator, Head Coach Varsity Football, Equipment Manager

Darren Gourlay

Head Coach Varsity Girls Soccer

Francisco Gracia

World Languages Faculty

Lakeya Graves

Director of Marketing, Staff DEI Coordinator

Monica Grbic

Director of Community Database and Infrastructure Technology

Bettina Greenberg

Kindergarten Faculty

Stephanie Gregory

Performing Arts Faculty

Jennifer Guevara

Class of 1997
School Counselor, Middle School DEI Coordinator

Sisi Guo

World Languages Faculty

Donald Halmy

Assistant Director of Campus Operations for Safety

Ryan Harford

After School Associate

John Harrison

History Faculty

Micah Hauben

Dean of Athletics

Adriana Hauser

Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

Mr. Charles Hill


Rebecca Huard

After Care Coordinator

David Hughes

Art and Design Faculty

Jillian Hurley

Development Associate for Alumni and Special Events

Lee Hyatt

Science Faculty

Maki Itoh


Lakeisha Jackson

Science Faculty

Nate Jean-Baptiste

Head Coach Varsity Boys Basketball, Athletics DEI Coordinator

Kharline Jean-Guillaume

Class of 1997
Daycare Associate

Douglas Johnson

Facilities Supervisor

Emma Jonsson

Director of Student Athlete Health Services and Life Skills Faculty

Dana Karin

History Faculty

Stacey Karipides

Mathematics Faculty

Melissa Kennedy

Director of School Counseling

Rebecca Keogh

Grade 4 Faculty

Dr. Victoria Khiznichenko

Chair of Mathematics Department

Kim Klein

Library Media Specialist, US/MS

Jamie LaJoie

Technical Director

Jessica Landis

Director of College Counseling

Ran LaPolla

Chair of Art and Design Department

Susan Laramie

Computer Science and Digital Applications Faculty

Mike Lasky

Varsity Boys Golf Head Coach

Ian Lear-Nickum

History and Social Sciences Faculty, Grade Dean, Grade 10

Joshua Lee

IT Support Technician

Zachary Levine

Amanda Lewis

JV Volleyball and Basketball Coach

Catherine Lewis

Assistant to Head of Lower School

George Lewis

History Faculty

Kenneth Lewis

History Faculty, Team Leader, Grade 8

Shannel Lewis

Associate Teacher

Mark Lingle

Social Sciences Faculty, Varsity Head Cross Country Coach

Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff

Head of Lower School

Richard Lockwood

Building Systems Operator

Benjamin Lovewell

Biology and Environmental Science Faculty

Devorah Lowenstein

Teaching and Learning

Anna Lubowitz

English Faculty

Allison Lubrino

PK Faculty Assistant

Claudia Lydon

Chair of World Languages Department

Siying Ma

World Languages Faculty

Leighann Mahler

Daycare Assistant

Tricia Manganello

Class of 1986
English Faculty

Carol Mannella

Director of Daycare

Carol Maoz

Head of School

Maria Marizan

Accounting Temp

Mark McAndrews

Physical Education Coordinator, Director of Fun Camp, Summer Institute Director

Cynthia McCullough

Grade 2 Assistant Faculty

Nadia McGoran

World Languages Faculty

Garrett Mendez

Director of Performing Arts

Denise Mihailoff

World Languages Faculty

Robert Miller

Director of Campus Operations

Roxanne Mitchell

Head Coach Varsity Girls Golf

Ashley Mollica

Operations Assistant

Chelsea Morgan

Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Board Liaision

Shevon Morris

Science Faculty

Mary Musolino

MS Substitute

Julia Naclerio

Associate Director of College Counseling

Ray Nelson

Science Faculty

ShaRee Nesmith

Administrative Assistant

Nina Newman

Associate Head of School for Advancement, Director of Admission and Financial Access

Katie O'Connor

Science Faculty, Head Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach

Patrick O'Neill

Chair of History Department

Alexa Orndahl

LS Art Faculty

Natascia Orru

Human Resources Manager

Sara O'Toole

Mathematics Faculty, All School Math DEI Coordinator

Heather Parker

Director of Teaching and Learning, Social Sciences Faculty, Head Coach Swim

Ted Parker

Associate Head of Upper School, Academic Dean

Carolyn Patten

Chair of English Department

Aishling Peterson

Associate Director of Admission, Middle School and Financial Access

Dr. Erica Pomerantz

Lower School Psychologist

Emily Prince

Assistant Director of College Counseling, Director of Student-Athlete Leadership

Ryan Quinn

Head Coach Varsity Baseball

Julia Rachinsky-Wood

Grade 1 Faculty

Karen Raidt

Assistant Director of Global Education, Director of King Cares Service and Student Services

Rob Raphael

Head Coach Varsity Girls Basketball

Cheryl Riccio

Temp Accountant

Verkisha Richardson

Development Associate for Data Management

Maria Rincon

Temporary Administrative Assistant

Ashley Rivera

Associate Teacher

Hannah Robbertz

Grade 5 Faculty

Bonnie Roberts

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Head Coach Varsity Girls Soccer

Leigh Roberts

Library Learning Common Specialist, Lower School DEI Coordinator

Frank Roche

Social Sciences Faculty

Stephanie Roones

Associate Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Head Track Coach, Assist Varsity Girls Basketball

Lindsey Rossler

History Faculty, Director Talent Development, Upper School DEI Coordinator

Joe Ryan

Science Faculty

Marnie Sadlowsky

Associate Head of School for Strategic Program, Head of Upper School

Rachel Salem

Performing Arts Faculty

Brian Salvesen

Mathematics Faculty

Aman Samra

Grade 2 Faculty

Rosalba Santander-Cervantes

World Languages Faculty

Helen Santoro

Grade 5 Faculty

Guy Savage

Admission Associate, Upper School, Head Ice Hockey Coach

Stephen Schafer

Chief Financial and Operating Officer

Dr. Victoria Schulman

Science Faculty, Director of Science Research

Jennifer Segovia

Performing Arts Faculty

Merrill Shafer

Associate Director of Admission, Lower School

Rupal Shah

Computer Science Faculty

Amanda Sheehan

Mathematics Faculty

Kimberly Sheehan

LS Substitute

Brady Shoemaker

Art and Design Chair, Grade 9 Class Advisor

Mark Silence

Performing Arts Faculty

Paul Snyder

Social Sciences Faculty

Jenna Sotire

English Faculty

Alison Stoddart

Physical Education and Movement

Lindsay Stone

Class of 2011
English Faculty, Upper School DEI Coordinator

Dana Thomas

Associate Director of Admission, Upper School

Katherine Tobin

Art and Design Faculty

Dr. Laura Toniolo

Mathematics Faculty

Dr. Craig Tunks

Director of Technology Innovation and Integration, Chair of Computer Science

Lelio Vieux

Director of Dining Services

Jessica Vigliotti

PK Faculty

Neuvi Villanueva

World Languages Faculty

David Volain

Senior Associate Director of College Counseling

Heather Wahid

Assistant Controller

Tommy Weeks

Performing Arts Faculty

Katharine Wells

Student Learning Supervisor, Head Volleyball Coach

Kathryn Wells

Manager of Advancement Services

Emily Wierdsma

Middle School Learning Specialist

Kevin Wilkinson

Grade 1 Faculty

Susan Willett


Andrew Winkler

Mathematics Faculty

Megan Yelton

Upper School Assistant Dean of Students, History Faculty, Director Leadership Program, Grade Dean, Grade 12

Dr. Peter Yu

Mathematics Faculty

Mrs. Belinda Zheng

Mathematics Faculty

Dr. Thomas Zoubek

Chair of Social Sciences Department, World Languages Faculty