Lower School Progress Reports

The Lower School Progress Reports communicate skills that are being worked on with your child, over the course of the academic year, and indicate the progress a student has made, to date, on each skill.

The reports provides feedback from classroom teachers and specialist teachers, including science, spanish, art, music, and physical education. Therefore, these reports are the cumulative effort of every Lower School teacher.


Skill categories: We believe that skills fall into three categories: social/emotional, language arts (writing and reading), and mathematics.

Progress categories: We have defined four categories of progress which we believe provide insight into each student’s development over the course of the year. The report communicates each child’s progress within this continuum, reporting both a skill checklist and a summary narrative. The four categories of progress are defined as follows:

  • Secure: Indicates that a child has mastered material and is regularly demonstrating the use of a skill or work habit.
  • Developing: Indicates that a child is continuing to work on the skill and has not yet demonstrated full mastery. This category is checked most often in these reports. It is perfectly appropriate for a child to be working on many skills simultaneously and we see “developing” as an indicator of ongoing progress.
  • Beginning: Indicates that a child is just starting to tackle the skill in an area and has not yet begun to work independently or with ease in an area.
  • Not applicable: Indicates students have not yet been introduced to material that will come later in the year.

How to access the progress report

Step 1: Login to MyKing. (If this is your first time logging in to MyKing, please go the Community Login page and follow the instructions under Parent Login. Once you're logged in to the Parent Portal, click on "Login to MyKing,").

Step 2: On the top left hand corner click on “Children,” or “your child’s name,” then Choose your child’s name. (If you have multiple children enrolled at King, you should be able to see all of their names.)

Step 3: You will land on the “Progress” tab information.

Step 4: Look for the box that says "Performance," in which you will find hyperlinks to any live report cards for the current year.

If you have questions regarding how to access your student’s report, please do not hesitate to reach out to databaseadmin@kingschoolct.org.