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Head of School Karen Eshoo opens 2018-2019 School Year with Ringing of the Bells

Dr. Karen E. Eshoo was escorted into the US gymnasium by our PreK and Kindergarten students on Thursday, September 6, and processed through an honor guard lineup by the Class of 2019. She officially kicked off the 218-2019 school year with the traditional Ringing of the Bells surrounded by the entire school community. In addition to Dr. Eshoo's first year at King, she was joined by 141 new students and 17 new Staffulty members this year.

During the ceremony, divisional student leaders spoke to crowd and presented Dr. Eshoo with symbolic gifts:

  • Grade 5 student Lance DiBenedetto presented Vikings gear to represent spirit.
  • Grade 8 student Ellie Glinka presented our 150th Celebration book to represent history.
  • Grade 12 student and President of the US Student Body Luke Buttenwieser presented a bell to represent tradition.

Luke took the podium to address our community and welcome Dr. Eshoo: "I would like to welcome the new students, teachers, and faculty, especially our new Head of School Dr. Eshoo, to King. For those of you who might be nervous in this new place just know that everyone here will support you and help guide you through your King journey. Because at King we are rooted in our values of service.

So what does service mean? Service is defined as: the action of helping or doing work for someone. I think there are three types of service: service to yourself, service to others, and service to a community.

What does service to yourself mean? At King, being of service to yourself means staying focused and dedicating yourself to your work. Serve yourself by always staying true to who you are. Always stand up for yourself and never let anyone tell you you can't do it. Stay on a path that will guide you to academic and personal excellence. You are your best self, never forget that.

Service to others. As President I am of service to the students. I am here to help you and make your lives better. We should all be of service to others. That's the King way, an unwavering commitment to helping others. This is what we should all strive to do. Pick up someone's pencil if they drop it, help someone with their homework. Hold a door open, invite a new student to sit with you at lunch, and always strive to be nice to someone. A community of caring and helping for others is a strong, cohesive community. If we are all of service to each other then we serve our community. Which leads me to my final way to serve. Serving your community. Institutions falter when people stop caring about them, when people stop being involved, and when they stop serving them. However, we do not have such an issue at King. This community is filled with active and engaged members, who care deeply about others. This institution, this school, this community is thriving.

This year is the beginning of a new chapter for the School, filled with countless ways to serve your community. I ask everyone here to get involved. Go to a sports game, go see the play, participate in clubs, be active in your classes, stand up for the values of our School, and always strive to make this place the best it can be. Our community is us, every single one of you is a core part of this School. Treating everyone with kindness and respect is how to best serve our community.

I challenge everyone here to serve. We are stronger together when we care for ourselves and others. If we serve ourselves, your school year will be better. If we serve others then our school will be better. If we serve our community then I promise you this will be the best year of school you've ever had. Thank you and welcome back."

View a gallery of photos from opening week here and enjoy Dr. Eshoo's Middle School welcome below: