King's campus is closed until April 27.  Learn about KingIsHome, our remote learning program. 

The Admission Office Team is working remotely and would love to connect with prospective families.  Please email or call (203) 322-3496, Ext. 350 to reach out to us.

Lower School Remote Learning

Marnie SadlowskyDear Families,

I am writing to share both our thinking and our concrete plans for remote learning in Lower School courses. Thank you all for your continued care, consideration, and partnership in this challenging time. On a personal note, your children are often on my mind -- I miss them very much!  While I know that social distancing is essential right now, I am also incredibly grateful for the Lower School community and will do everything possible to stay connected to the children.  I’m thinking about how we’ll run a Lower School Assembly, how we’ll continue to do wordles every morning, and even how to play cribbage from afar! It’s our King commitment to stay very close through our remote learning work, reassuring children and being connected in new ways!


Amy Vorenberg
Head of Lower School

Our Model

We will begin our remote learning program, KingIsHome, on March 30.  March 30 - April 3 will be our "orientation" period during which we will get accustomed to learning via new tools and new communication vehicles.

We will use the MyKing portal for Lower School remote learning.  While parents have accessed weekly updates and student progress reports through MyKing, the site has far more capacity and we will provide specific information on how to navigate to class assignments and suggested activities.  We will also share short instructional videos to help parents understand how to assist children in navigating the site and accessing lessons.

When talking about remote learning, two important words to know are:

  • Asynchronous:  Everyone is able to access the assignments, but can work at their own pace, in the order that they’d like.  Checklist is an example of an asynchronous organizational structure.
  • Synchronous:  Everyone is doing the same thing, at the same time.  In SYNC. Morning meeting is a synchronous structure because it happens at one time, all together.

Read Amy Vorenberg's email describing the KingIsHome Lower School remote learning program.  Read emails describing the KingIsHome program for PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5

Our Plans

We will be providing both asynchronous and synchronous activities.  We will use a range of programs to support these kinds of learning opportunities, sharing links for class meetings or larger gatherings via Zoom.  We have a number of programs that students are using, including Dreambox, RazKids, Keyboarding without Tears, One More Story, and Tynker. Classroom teachers will be pushing content through these applications, as well as providing additional assignments following our curriculum.  Specialist teachers will also be sharing assignments through the MyKing portal.

We are adding additional resource pages to the MyKing site, including resources and Wordles on the Lower School community page, Social/Emotional Learning, Oodles of Words, and Crazy for Numbers plus more activities and supports.  Parents have access to these pages to find options for additional learning and we will continue to expand the content in MyKing and will use this forum to stay connected. We will also provide more information and share video trainings to demonstrate how to find these resources.

As a community, we will be in communication about the different events that have prominent places in our calendar.  We plan to hold parent/teacher conferences in mid-April through an online meeting platform.  We are even working on plans for a Lower School Assembly through a Zoom call.  We are also currently looking for ways to help families learn through this experience as much as students, and we plan to offer opportunities for adults to come together in casual virtual settings to connect, to see one another, and to feel the support of this strong community. 

Parents can expect regular communication from classroom teachers, Heather Wagner, and Amy Vorenberg.  In this time of transition to a new schooling format, I know there will be many questions and we will partner with families every step of the way to ensure that we’re supporting our children.