Lower School

Sandy Lizire-Duff

 Dear Lower School Families,

Our staffulty continue to be enthusiastic and have been steadfast at preparing for the academic year ahead. We are all looking forward to creating an exciting Lower School experience with your children. As we continue to be in uncharted waters, I am eager to welcome our students in September and am proud to have joined the King community. As the Lower School staffulty have shared with me, their energy to teach comes from the students and each interaction and Zoom meeting over the past two months continue to confirm for me that King is a community that teaches and leads with heart and brain in mind. I am thrilled to be a part of this remarkable community.  

Sandy's Signature

Dr. Sandy Lizaire- Duff

Head of Lower School

Lower School Plans

Teaching and Learning

Our goal is to create the best possible reopening scenario for our Lower School community while maintaining the integrity and value of the Reggio Emilia and project-based learning approaches to teaching and learning. Our new Monday-Friday schedule will provide a predictable structure for our students. Click this link for a sample Lower School Schedule. Additional benefits of the new Lower School schedule.

  • Allows all students to return to campus
  • Maintains the same groups from day to day
  • Decreases travel time
  • Limits the mixing of groups
  • Reduces potential exposures
  • Lengthens academic periods (50 minutes)
  • Increases opportunity to tailor the curriculum, differentiate instruction, and provide enrichment activities
  • Allows for small group instruction

Physical Space

  • Our classrooms have been expanded to accommodate social distancing
  • Daily cleaning of playground equipments and classroom materials
  • Two students per table
  • All desks arranged 6 feet apart, facing the same direction
  • Staggered recess reschedule
  • Individualized cubbies and/or book boxes for students’ learning resources
  • See videos explaining the physical space use in the Lower School