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King Cares Remote Connections

Karen Raidt

Dear King Community,

How are you creating a balanced approach to care for yourself, your family, the King Community, and our local community? King Cares has created Remote Connections so our community can continue to stay connected, maintain a daily balanced approach, and help those around us. Using the Elements of Everyday Health as our guide, we have identified five themes to practice each week:


  • Move Monday: How will you move, exercise, or be active for at least 20 minutes today?
  • Outreach Tuesday: How can you help to support others in our local community?
  • Connect Wednesday: How will you stay connected with family members and others in the King community?
  • Nourish Thursday: How are you maintaining a regular meal schedule? How can you help support the food needs of others?
  • Be Friday: How will you find time to simply “Be” and relax or reflect on how you are maintaining a balanced approach throughout your day and week?

You can find different ways to implement these elements for each day below. and please share reflections, videos, photos, etc. on our King Community Padlet Bulletin Board. 

Thank you for your continued support of King Cares. Be well and please be in touch with any questions.  

Karen Raidt
Director of King Cares Program