About King School

King School sets a better standard for education and equips students with the insights and heart to chart their own course. We are a co-educational day school in Stamford, Connecticut, where students in PreK through Grade 12 learn and live with purpose.

Our Academics Set Us Ahead

Throughout their years at King, our students engage in student-driven inquiry and experiential learning. Our teaching methodology is guided by educational best practices and focused on strong relationships with faculty and mentors — creating a foundation for courageous thinking and impactful action. We embrace our students’ ideas and champion their successes. We open minds and encourage lifelong curiosity.

Our Community Sets Us Apart

Students and faculty come from 40 neighboring communities and 63 countries engage in an expansive curriculum that spurs conversation on culture, religion, ethnicity and lived experiences. We are empowered by our diverse talents and inspired by our different backgrounds and perspectives. Together, we celebrate every student’s uniqueness.

Our Graduates Set Us Above

They have done more than developed skills; they have become passionate learners and caring citizens. King School alumni land at the nation’s top colleges and advance in their careers confident and prepared. More importantly, they arrive courageous and ready to make an impact in their communities – and better prepared to better the world.