We invite you to make an impact...on the students, faculty, and programs at the heart of King. Now - in this school year, your generosity is critical. Will you join the many others in joyfully giving to help ensure the best possible 2020-2021 school year for every student at King?

Our goal for the 2020-2021 King Fund is $2,000,000. 

Here’s what your gift will do: 

  • We are spending millions on staffing, facilities, and technology this year to ensure all can come back to campus, and be as safe and healthy as possible. 
  • We are confident that King’s program in the 2020-2021 school year will be one of the strongest around. We are excited about and focused on delivering the highest quality educational experience despite all the challenges. Can we count on your financial support to help us do that?
  • Unlike many schools, we’ve retained all our staffulty to ensure that your children continue to benefit from our full suite of highly educated and experienced educators in all aspects of the school, from arts, to athletics, to academics, and more.
    • In fact, we have expanded our faculty to include many associate teachers to adapt to dynamic student needs in 2020.
  • The King Fund continues to help us develop strong socio-economic diversity and to “Keep King Whole” with our generous Financial Access Program.
    • The amount of financial assistance we are able to offer prospective students depends directly on the generosity of our King Fund donors. Every gift to the King Fund enables us to offer admission to the most qualified applicants regardless of need.
  • The King Fund bridges the gap:
    • Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a King education in a normal year, much less one with so many additional operating expenses -- the remainder is made up by the endowment and gifts to the King Fund. 
    • Every year, we budget tuition to be less than the actual cost, knowing that our donors will help make up the difference. This keeps King more affordable for all and ensures we have a more diverse community. 

100% of contributions to the King Fund are deployed in the current fiscal year, strengthening every facet of student life, inside and outside the classroom. Just as all independent schools do, King relies on your gifts to support our extensive annual operations - this year MORE THAN EVER!!

Make your gift today or pledge today, which helps the School make sound financial decisions. Pledges payable by June 30, 2021.


The King Fund supplements tuition dollars to create and sustain these opportunities for current students. We ask every member of our community to make meaningful yearly gifts to the King Fund. 100% of contributions to The King Fund are deployed in the current fiscal year, covering 7% of King School’s annual budget.

The King Fund Goal: $2,000,000


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