Make a Senior Gift

Read below to learn more about Senior Parent Gift designations:

The Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is an endowed fund that promotes Faculty excellence and tuition assistance for academically qualified students with demonstrated financial need.

This fund provides Grade 12 families the opportunity to leave a legacy by supporting two of the hallmarks of a King education, a diverse and vibrant student body and exceptional Faculty

The King School Advanced Mathematics and Science Study Program

The program is designed for students with demonstrated aptitude for and interest in true achievement in advanced mathematics and science.

The selected students will be supported in entering prestigious national and global competitions and/or designing and executing original research projects, guided by Faculty mentors and outside specialists.

The program is funded by a draw from this Endowed Fund.

Fund to Endow the Teaching and Learning Department

The Department is committed to understanding each student as an individual and supporting students as they mature and grow into lifelong learners.

The Department of Teaching and Learning invests in our Faculty and ensures that they have the training and expertise to create a challenge experience for each learner.

The Teaching and Learning department will be funded through a draw on this fund, once it is endowed.

Tom Main Liberal Arts Research Fellowship

A fund to support an annual research project by one or two King students on a topic of global political, cultural or social issues of importance each year.

The fellowship is open to rising Grade 11 Students and the annual grant will support travel and research by the students and their Faculty mentor.