Senior Parent Gift

As of June 8, 74% of our Grade 12 parents have made gifts or pledges. Help us get to 100% and make your commitment today! Read below to learn more about Senior Parent Gift designations:

Thank you!

Anonymous (5)
Kimberly and Richard Alexander
Kim and Tom Athan
Jamie and Ed Balazs
Lisa and Morris Barocas
Leslie Tamarkin and Marc Becker
Erin and Philip Boeckman
Krissy and Michael Borchetta
Abigail and Glenn Boyar
Katina Georgopulo and Edward Burke
Stephen Davis and Jeff Busch
Kelli and Jeff Bussan
Raisa Katz and Keith Crook
Masha Kogan and Ilya Degter
Jess Demmo and Bob Drbul
Jeff DiModica
Wendy and Richard Dziurzynski
Stacey and Scott Essex
Larry N. Feinberg
Fiona Muir Fine '90 and Morgan Fine
Eve Teich and Doug Fishkin
Tracy and Sean Flynn
Jane and Paul Fragner
Lauren and John Fredette
Sharon and Jerry Garavel
Elana and Sagi Genger
Sheryl and Philip Gerard
Diana Arias and Rolando Gonzalez
Caroline Brown and Tom Graham
Caroline and David Grubb
Cynthia Hackel
Nancy and Eric Heaton
Eileen and Edward Hillenmeyer
Renee Hoffmeister
Mimi and Steve Houston
Claire Schultz and Robert Jacobs
Gina and Greg Jansen
Lisa and Robert Kadlick
Annette Madden-Kline and Doug Kline
Victoria and Nikolai Kukharkin
Dora Sung and Henry Lim
Natalie and Dave Lockyer
Fern and Steven Loeb
Micaela Malin
Susanna Mandel-Mantello
Tracy and David Marra
Victoria and Patrick Marsh
Rebecca Bleiman and Ruviano Martinez
Gillian and Christopher Millerchip
Gina Strano-Mizhen and Boris Mizhen
Kathie and David Mullen
Lynne and Brian Newman
Shafaq and Khurram Nomani
Suzanne and Edwin O'Connor
Christine O'Halloran
Kathie and Dave Oberst
Maria Teresa and David Oxenstierna
Joseph Pigott
Marina and Scott Ring
Melissa and Paul Ross
Jennifer Gressin-Rybalov and Stanley Rybalov
Teresa Firpo-Silvani and Matias Silvani
Alison and David Smith
Mary Pat and Karl Wachter
Anna and Martin Waters