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You lived blue and gave gold! A huge thank you to the 333 DONORS who gave over $500,000 in 24 HOURS on #GiveKingTuesday, and to the 673 DONORS who have contributed $1,475,940 since July 1.

Because you gave like a Viking, King is well on its way to meeting the $2.25 million King Fund goal for 2019-2020. The King Fund underwrites the operating budget and thus impacts every student at King School, inside and outside the classroom. 

Thank you parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, staffulty, and friends for advancing the mission of King School by giving on #GiveKingTuesday and throughout the year.

A BIG thank you to all alumni, who came out in droves and embodied the spirit of #GiveKingTuesday by surpassing all lofty goals! Every year we raise the bar and every year you soar over it.

Thank you to the 8 generous donors whose successful challenges helped ignite the community and thank you to all who answered the call!

Rachelle and Scott Spielvogel $15,000 Supper Challenge: 10 donors, $16,930 raised in less than 30 minutes!

Jess Demmo Drbul $25,000 Drop-off Challenge: 36 donors, $69,610 raised between 8:00AM - 10:00AM.

Debbie Dietz ’90, Carl Speare ’96, Michael Sheehan ’03 and Kimberly Segalas Sheehan ’07 $15,000 for 150 Alumni donors: 172 alumni donors to date.

Amanda Metviner ‘06 $20 for each Homecoming Circle for Young Alumni member: 16 young alumni joined.

Thank you to ALL volunteers who partner with King School, everyday, to raise critical dollars which enable King to set better standards for education.

A very special thank you to #GiveKingTuesday volunteers:

Kim Alexander P’21, ’22
Luke Buttenwieser ’19
Sue Cesare ’48
Kyle Clark P’22, ’27
Ilinca Creveling P’20, ’22
Carmen Failla P’26, ’27
Natalie Falcon P’20

Leslie Goudie P’22, ’25
Max Helman ’18
Gina Jansen P’21
Meredith Landis P’20
Fern Loeb P’21
Sadie Lovallo P’30
Eilish Main P’11, ’14, ’20

Libby Mattson ’82, P’15, ’25
Amanda Metviner ’06
Kate Munno P’22, ’24
Mini Nunna P’22
Lindsay Oudsema P’29, ’32
Judy Phillips P’24, ’24
Constanze Sheridan P’20, ’22

The King Fund and Senior Parent Gift to Date (July 1, 2019 - Current)
Gifts processed as of December 4, 6:30 p.m.