THANK YOU for joining us on #GiveKingTuesday! We surpassed our goal of raising $1.5MM by midnight and were joined by over 125 Alumni donors!

Thank you again to the Dietz, Dowling and Mizhen Families and Max Orenstein '11 whose challenges provided great momentum to our cause.

Don't see your name on the list?

There is still time to make a gift!


  • PHONE: Call our office at (203) 588-3010 between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m to make a wire transfer, a gift of stock or credit card gift by phone.
  • CHECK: Drop off a check payable to "King School Annual Fund" at the Simon House, anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • MAIL: All gifts postmarked today and mailed Attn: Development Office to the school will count towards our goal!

What do #GIVEKINGTUESDAY funds support?

King School Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is critical yearly philanthropy that expands upon current community, culture, and program.

  • Supports competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain great teachers
  • Provides opportunities for faculty participation at workshops and conferences
  • Expands the educational experience for all students
  • King Performing Arts productions
  • Extended course offerings in genetics, engineering, and dance
  • Visiting Artist program with Michael De Feo
  • Recruit, retain, and provide valuable PG&D for our excellent Faculty
  • Tuition assistance
  • Academic program enhancements, technology upgrades, facility improvement
  • Athletic trainers, coaches, equipment, and King student athletes
  • College counseling programming
    • College nights for Grades 9-12
    • Application and essay workshops
    • Admissions panel featuring Duke, Middlebury, SMU, and the University of Miami

Even if you have already made a gift or pledge to the 2018-19 Annual Fund, please consider adding King School to your list of organizations you support on Tuesday, November 27 for #GiveKingTuesday.

Senior Parent Gift

Grade 12 families are encouraged to make an Annual Fund gift and a Senior Parent Gift. Please see the possible Senior Parent Gift options below - you can celebrate your child’s tenure at King with a Senior Parent Gift that is personally meaningful to you!

The Legacy Fund

  • The Legacy Fund is an endowed Fund that promotes faculty excellence and tuition assistance for academically qualified students with demonstrated financial need.
  • This fund provides Grade 12 families the opportunity to leave a legacy by supporting two of the hallmarks of a King education: an exceptional faculty and a diverse and vibrant student body.

King School Advanced Mathematics and Science Research Program

  • The program is designed for students with demonstrated aptitude for and interest in true achievement in advanced mathematics and science.
  • Selected students will be supported in entering prestigious national and global competitions and/or designing and executing original research projects, guided by faculty mentors and outside specialists.
  • The program is funded by a draw from this Endowed Fund.

Endowed Fund to support the Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL)

  • The DTL is committed to understanding each student as an individual and supporting students as they mature and grow into lifelong learners.
  • The DTL invests in our faculty and ensures that they have the training and expertise to create a challenging experience for each learner.

Tom Main Liberal Arts Research Fellowship

  • This fund supports an annual research project by one or two King students on a topic of global political, cultural, or social issues of importance each year
  • The fellowship is open to rising Grade 11 students and the annual grant will support travel and research by the students and their faculty mentor.

What is #GiveKingTuesday?

Give King Tuesday is our community’s celebration of #GivingTuesday. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season. #GivingTuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in their communities; it provides a platform for them to encourage the donation of time, resources, and talents to address local challenges. As a global movement, #GivingTuesday unites countries around the world by sharing our capacity to care for and empower one another.

Total Dollars GIVEN:


Annual Fund and Senior Parent Giving to Date (July 1, 2018 - Current)
Gifts processed as of November 28, 9:00 a.m.

A broad base of support, from all our constituents, is key to our success. Thank you to the many people in our community who have made a gift or pledge!


Tracey Aaron

Charles P. Abate

Nicole Abate

David Abbott

Juliana Abbott

Mary M. Ackerly

Rachel Ackley

Jose Acosta

Seydis Acosta

James E. Addison

Jenna Adimari

Michelle Afkari

Kathryn R. Albergotti

Ashley A. Alebiosu

Kimberly B. Alexander

Richard B. Alexander

Marie P. Alexandre

Matthew Allard

Sara Allard

Daniel Alpert

Debra Alpert

Steven Altman

Ceki Aluf Medina

Claude Amadeo

Jennifer Amadeo

Jim Ancone

Maude E. Ancone

Heidi Andersen

Niels Andersen

John Anderson

Karl W. Anderson

Kathleen Anderson

Natalia Anderson

Cortney Ansel

Matthew Ansel

Diana Arias

Nancy Armstrong

Tim M. Armstrong

Christine Baer

Henry Baer

Lynn J. Bailey

Paul Bailey

Robert Baird

Dale Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin

Adam Balinsky

Courtney Ball

Stephen W. Ball

Scott H. Banerjee

Jonathan Banford

Sondra Banford

Maria E. Barker

Morgan R. Barker

Alison Barlow

Matthew Barlow

Diane Barrett

Marcella T. Barry

Thomas D. Barry

Derek Barta

Donna Barta

Nicholas O. Bass

Jorge Bautista

Marc Becker

Laura Beckmann

Oliver Beckmann

Lauren M. Bellmare

Sonia Benedetto

William Benedetto

Alexander F. Benjamin

Kimberly Benkwitt

Robert Benkwitt

Elizabeth Bennett

Steven Bennett

Wendy Bennett

Jonathan E. Berger

Jeffrey Bernfeld

Samantha Bernfeld

Cathy Bernstein

Diana Bienen

Richard Bienen

Alexander Black

Sarah Black

Claudia Blanco

Mervin Blanco

Eric Blattman

Wendy Blattman

Daniel Block

David N. Bloom

Nancy Z. Bloom

David Boaz

Gloria Boccuzzi

Ted R. Boccuzzi

Erin Boeckman

Philip Boeckman

Kristine Borchetta

Michael Borchetta

Lexi Bosee

Jason C. Bouton

Laura W. Bowe

Abigail Boyar

Glenn Boyar

David Bradt

Andy Braver

Marcie Braver

Thomas A. Breck

Sara L. Breckenridge

Paul Brockmann

Rhonda Brockmann

Carol Brown

Catherine M. Brown

Tyrone Brown

Jamie Bruno

Jenny Bruno

Leslie Bruzik

Michael Bruzik

Lana Buccieri

Sarah Bull

J. E. Bunce

Linda F. Bunce

Edward Burke

Alexandra C. Burnett

Jeffrey Busch

Jeff Bussan

Kelli Bussan

Luke W. Buttenwieser

William Buttenwieser

Christopher Byrnes

Elizabeth A. Byrnes

Ayesha Cadman

Mark Cadman

James R. Caissy

Laura Leigh C. Caissy

Cali C. Capalbo

Angela Carey

Thomas S. Carey

Gary Carter

Katarzyna Cartiera

Sharon Castonguay

Thomas Castonguay

Karen Cella

Elizabeth R. Cesare

Karl Chambers

Paula Chambers

Chung-Hui Chan

Gilles Chosson

Stephanie Christie

Chelsea Church

David Clark

Kyle Clark

J. Michael Cline

McKenzie K. Clippinger

Brad Cohen

Colleen Cohen

Ella Cohen

Ira Cohen

Robert Cohen

Susan Cohen

Charlin Colombo

kim commaroto

Roseann Conheeney

Thomas J. Conheeney

Jennifer Connelly

Elizabeth B. Couch

Brian Coughlan

Karen Coughlin

Sean Coughlin

Jessie Coulombe

Jonathan Coulombe

Ilinca Creveling

Keith Creveling

Charisse Czaja

David Czaja

Keelin Daly

Heidi D'Amelio

Marc D'Amelio

Amy J. Darnton

Sandy Dauk

Stephen Davis

Adam De Chiara

Susan De Chiara

Emily Decker

Tom Decker

Nicholas DeFelice

Lisa DeGirolami

Elizabeth Degnan

James Degnan

Ilya Degter

Dana DelGaldo

Laura Della Jacono

Robert DeMartin

Tiffany DeMartin

Tina DeNapoles

Debbie DePouli

Carlos O. Deschapelles

Eileen Deschapelles

Aura Diaz

Bryan Dietz

Debra M. Dietz

Charles Dill

Charles A. Dill

Cindy C. Dill

Martinna Dill

Isabelle Dionisius

Eugenie Diserio

Carmine DiSunno

Theodora DiSunno

Max Dixon

Laurie Doering

Patrick J. Doering

Bhupinder Dohil

Seema Dohil

Brent Donnelly

Christine Donnelly

Jessica Drbul

Robert Drbul

Paul Duffy

Luis Felipe Dutra

Leigh Ann Dwyer

Ellen Eagleton

Patrick Eagleton

G. P. Egbert

Dawn L. Ehlers

Robert G. Ehlers

Carlos Escalante

Karen E. Eshoo

Gerry Esposito

Rebecca Esposito

Carmen Failla

Charles Failla

Andrew Falcon

Natalie Falcon

Bruce Fallon-Long

Bryan Farrell

Margie Farrell

Elizabeth Feinstein

Scott Feinstein

Ana Feliu

Angela M. Feraco

Jed Ferdinand

Wendy Ferdinand

Ivan Ferrero

Debbie Ferri

Katucha Ferro

Fiona M. Fine

Morgan Fine

Christopher Fink

Karen Fiorito

Maria Teresa Firpo-Silvani

Christina Focke

Katharina H. Focke

Richard W. Focke

Suzanne Forbes

Noah H. Fouad

Danielle Fox

Lyn F. Fox

Trevor Fox

Jane Fragner

Paul Fragner

John Fredette

Lauren Fredette

Mi-Sun Freeman

Roger Freeman

Christian Frenes

Courtney Frenes

Bud Freund

Gregory Frisoli

Pamela Frisoli

Stacey Gaine

Christos Galanopoulos

Darunee Gambino

Todd Gambino

Jerry Garavel

Sharon Garavel

Guillermo Garcia

Tressan Garcia

Katy Gemelli

Elana Genger

Sagi Genger

Katina Georgopulo

Eric Gerster

Hooman Ghorban

Tina Ghorban

Suzanne Gigante

Michael Gigliotti

Rachel Gigliotti

Alan Gilbert

Marlene Gilbert

Katherine L. Gimpel

Brian Gingold

Rachel Gingold

Catherine Giventer

Craig Giventer

Julia C. Giventer

Jane Glassmeyer

William Glassmeyer

Leslie Glenn

Barbara Glinka

David Glinka

Michael Godner

Samuel Goichman

Jami Goldman

Richard M. Goldman

Ivan D. Gomez

Rolando Gonzalez

Anne Goodnow

Carleton T. Goodnow

Leslie Goudie

Paul Goudie

Colleen Gover

Francisco Gracia

Patricia Gracia

Lakeya Graves

Taylor D. Gray

Mike Grbic

Monica Grbic

Emily E. Green

Megan E. Green

Mandy Greenberg

Cheryla Greene

Thomas Greene

Michael Gribelyuk

Cara Grimaldi

Aryn Grossman

Matthew Grossman

Anthony B. Guevara

Jennifer Guevara

Sisi Guo

Gretchen M. Hahn

Richard A. Haight

Caitlin Halle

Peter Hall-Risko

Kara Hanson

Nathan Hanson

Marc Hart

Tracy Hart

Alzbeta Harvey

Ronald Harvey

Richard Hassan

Anne Marie Hauben

Micah Hauben

Douglas Hayashi

Miho Hayashi

Eric Heaton

Nancy Heaton

Audrey Heffermehl

Kevin Hein

Melissa Hein

Max H. Helman

Elizabeth Hendrickson

Jared Hendrickson

Anne Hentschel

Stephen Hentschel

Opo Herrera

Debra Hess

Edward Hillenmeyer

Eileen Hillenmeyer

Carole Hochman

David G. Hoffman

Jonathan Hoffman

Jeff Hoffmeister

Brett A. Holey

Susan M. Holey

Mary Holtz

Robert H. Holtz

Stephanie Hoos

Lance Horn

Dana Houston

Henry Houston

Mimi Houston

Stephen Houston

Seniha Inan

Benjamin Ingrum

Dharini Ingrum

Julio Adrian Izurieta

John B. Jacoby

Patricia B. Jacoby

Gina Jansen

Greg Jansen

Radhika Jasthi

Vonick Jean-Guillaume

Kate Jennings

Marc Jennings

Dana U. Johnson

Douglas Johnson

Jacqueline Johnson

Michael Johnson

Sharon Johnson

Virginia Johnson

Robert W. Jones

Richard N. Jové

Lisa Kadlick

Robert Kadlick

Miriam Kaggwa-Mwenda

Daniel H. Kang

John T. Kaplan

Mimi Kaplan

Stacey Karipides

Doug Karp

Sharon Karp

Connor P. Karr

Kelly Karr

Maureen Karr

Robert Karr

Maria Katsetos

Claire Kelly

Leigh Kennedy

Victoria Khiznichenko

Elisheva Kilner

Lynn King

Thomas King

Arlene Klein

Scott Klein

Douglas Kline

Emily Knight

Paul Knight

Audrey Knobloch

William R. Knobloch

Gerald Knorr

Monica Knorr

David Knutson

Giselle Knutson

Masha Kogan

Jennifer Krasnor

William Krasnor

Alison Kuffel

Jeffrey Kuffel

James Kulig

Vivi Kulig

Oktay Kurbanov

Olga Kurbanov

Christopher Lagan

Jessica Landis

Meredith Landis

William Landis

Ran LaPolla

Susan A. Laramie

Vincent M. Laramie

Aba Laryea-Adjei

George Laryea-Adjei

Alexander Lash

Ryan J. Lasnick

Cathleen S. Lavelle

Gad Lavy

Samantha Lavy

Elizabeth Lazarus

Mark Lazarus

Ian Lear-Nickum

Lindsay Lear-Nickum

Kristina T. Leath

Steven M. Leath

Joseph Leeker

Kimberly P. Leeker

John Legrand

Mary Legrand

Paul H. Legrand

Christina Lehneis

Walter C. Lehneis

David Leibowits

Susan A. Leibowits

Joseph A. Lener

Catherine Lewis

George Lewis

Kenneth M. Lewis

Ihui Li

Xiaodong S. Liao

Eli D. Lichtman

Scott Lichtman

Tamra Lichtman

James Lidington

Siobhan Lidington

Marcus B. Linden

Polly Linden

Mark Lingle

Anthony Liparidis

Gail Livingston

Chris Long

Colby C. Lopez-Balboa

Enrique Lopez-Balboa

Emilio Loret de Mola

John Louizos

Stacy H. Louizos

Matthew Lovallo

Sadie Lovallo

Vincent J. Love

Jeffrey Lowe

Samantha Lowe

Brent T. Luneburg

Claudia Lydon

Gary Lydon

Craig Lynch

Wendy Lynch

Monica Lynn

Siying Ma

Rodrigo Machado

Lynn Macrae

Robert Macrae

Annette Madden-Kline

Aparna Madisetty

Denise R. Magalnick

Benjamin D. Magidson

Eilish C. Main

Thomas B. Main

Micaela Malin

Glenn Mallette

Jeff Manganello

Patricia A. Manganello

Anthony Maniscalco

Brandi Maniscalco

Cheryl Manos

Paul Manos

Jamie Mansfield

Matthew Mansfield

Susan Mansfield

Felice Marcy

Todd Marcy

David Marra

Tracy Marra

Bree Marsden

Jenna Marsella

Ethan J. Marsh

Patrick Marsh

Victoria Marsh

Aria Martin

Gregory Martin

Jacqueline Martino

Diane Martin-Tryhane

Jeff Mattson

Libby Mattson

Myriam Mayorga

Mark McAndrews

Melissa McAndrews

Christina McCann

Brandon McCue

Ellen McCue

Cynthia McCullough

Kevin McCullough

Hugh McGoran

Nadia McGoran

Iwona McGrath

Lawrence McGrath

Mark McGrath

Megan McGrath

Kathryn McMorrow

Lori McNulty

Scott F. McNulty

Garrett Mendez

Kathleen Mendez

Steven J. Menking

Michelle E. Merriweather

Elizabeth Messinger

Aaron R. Metviner

Amanda B. Metviner

Amanda C. Meyer

Joann P. Meyer

William Meyer

Anne C. Michalski

James P. Michalski

Lisa Michalski

Paul Michalski

Denise Mihailoff

Brad Miller

Erika Miller

Karen Mirkin

Scott D. Mirkin

Susan Mirza

Cathy Mishkin

Richard Mishkin

Boris Mizhen

Jaqueline Montoya Cuscuna

Max Montoya Cuscuna

Vernice Montoya-Rybicki

Jennifer Morello

Maurizio Morello

Anne Moriarty

Brenda Morris

Colleen A. Morris

Maggie Morris

Robert Morris

Shevon Morris

George H. Muir

Joyce S. Muir

Edward Mulé

Marian Mulé

Christopher Mulshine

Michelle Mulshine

David Munno

Kate Munno

Bryan Murphy

Sara Murphy

Alan S. Murray

Lori E. Murray

Benjamin E. Nadler

Frank V. Nash

Margharet F. Nash

Corri Neckritz

Seth Neckritz

Christine V. Nelli

Cynthia Nelli

Richard Nelli

Richard H. Nelli

Raymond Nelson

Carlos Nero

Lisa Nero

Brian Newman

Lynne Newman

Nina Newman

Arthur B. Nichols

Constance Nichols

Almond Nickerson

Carol Nickerson

Patrick Nielsen

Lazaros Nikeas

Maria Nikeas

Khurram Nomani

Shafaq Nomani

Fares Noujaim

Mirna Noujaim

Mini Nunna

Emily Oandasan

Edwin O'Connor

Suzanne O'Connor

Brian O'Hagan

David W. O'Keeffe

Diane O'Keeffe

Patrick O'Neill

Carlos Onis

Charles J. Onis

Linda M. Onis

Robin Ordan

Max H. Orenstein

Anne C. O'Rourke

Kathleen O'Rourke

Michael J. O'Rourke

Sara O'Toole

Lindsay Oudsema

Robert Oudsema

Dan Ozizmir

Nancy Ozizmir

Betsy Pacey

Rebecca Pambianchi

Heather Parker

Ted Parker

Carolyn Patten

John Patten

Bob Peck

Kristin Peck

Elizabeth M. Perelstein

Carson K. Perlman

Chase H. Perlman

Doug Perlman

Lisa Perlman

Taylor D. Perlman

Colin Peters

Tamsin Peters

Derek Phillips

Judy Phillips

Kelly Phillips

Todd Phillips

Allegra Pigott

Joseph Pigott

Margaret Piper

William Piper

Pam Pitasi

Anna Plavin

Dianne Plummer

William Plummer

Selina Policar

Lisa Pollock

Omar Pollock

Ranjit T. Pookkottil

Marvin Powell

Yourajwattie Powell

Susan Price

Emily Prince

William Pufko

Jenny Qian

Anne Marie Queally

Paul Queally

James B. Quigley

Liam A. Quigley

Ana Rabassa

Becky Rabassa

Frank M. Rabassa

Julia M. Rachinsky-Wood

Kevin Rachinsky-Wood

John J. Raidt

Karen A. Raidt

Heather Raker

Todd Raker

Claudia Ramirez Gomez

Alison Rao

Kishore Rao

Rose M. Rather

George A. Reilly

Lynn O. Reilly

Rafaela Reinhoefer

Samantha Reiss

Amadeu Ribeiro

Marina Ring

Scott Ring

Ashraf Rizvi

Zeba Rizvi

Angus I. Robertson

Scott Robinowitz

Stacey Robinowitz

Frank Roche

Katherine Rockwell

Gregory Roer

Matthew J. Roer

Patti Roer

Henry Rooney

Rebecca Rooney

David Rosen

Gloria Rosen

Brian Rozen

Tara Rozen

Christina Russell

John A. Russell

Michael Russell

John M. Rutere

Philip Ruvinsky

Colin Ryan

Joe Ryan

Julia Ryan

Stephanie Ryan

Thomas Ryan

Darek Rybicki

Marnie B. Sadlowsky

Martin Salantay

Mariana Salantayova

Rosalba Santander-Cervantes

Helen Santoro

Michael C. Santoro

Scott A. Santoro

Marc Saracino

Adrienne Schamberg

Neal Schamberg

Scott Schimmel

Kurt Schleunes

Cecilia Schmitke

Javier Schmitke

Lisa Schneider

Susan Schneider

Victoria Schulman

Claire Schultz

Penny Schutz

Ben B. Schwartz

Berto Sciolla

Caroline C. Sciolla

Catharine H. Sciolla

Elisabeth S. Sciolla

Wendy Sciolla

Dwight Seagren

Koko Seagren

Jennifer Segovia

Jeffrey D. Serkes

Nancy Serkes

Merrill Shafer

Kimberly Sheehan

Michael J. Sheehan

Stephen J. Sheehan

Constanze Sheridan

Kevin Sheridan

Larry Sherman

Stephanie Sherman

Zandra A. Sherrington

Han Shih

Brady Shoemaker

Lindsay Silbereisen

Amy P. Silberfein

Andrew Silberfein

Laura Silence

Mark Silence

Laura Silva

Matias Silvani

George Sisko

Danielle Smith

Hayley R. Smith

Karen Smith

Allison Smosky

Mark Smosky

Alexandra P. Smyth

John Smyth

Karen Smyth

Victoria M. Smyth

Emma C. Snover

Maeve L. Snover

Francis Snyder


David Sotire

Michael Sotire

Michelle T. Sotire

Rachelle Spielvogel

Brian Sponheimer

Carrie Sponheimer

David Stackpole

Deanna Stackpole

Elizabeth Stanise

John Stanise

Mitchell L. Staples

Benjamin O. Steib

Benson M. Stein

Eric Stein

Natalie Stein

Jeff Sterling

Lori A. Stewart

Thomas J. Stewart

Alison W. Stoddart

Leigh Stonington

Gina Strano-Mizhen

Saskia K. Subramanian

Stephanie Sugin

Joan Swift

Jeffrey Szymanski

Leslie Tamarkin

Fabiola Tambini-Mallette

Elisabeth Taylor

George P. Taylor

Jenna Temple

Dana Thomas

Eileen Thomas

James Thomas

Mark Tillman

Christopher Tinnesz

Karen Tinnesz

Joab Tjiungwanara

Katherine Tobin-Soderman

Laura Toniolo

Adam K. Tooter

Kenya Townsend-Frederick

Tiffany Traina

Tung Tran

Lisa Trell

Peter E. Tryhane

Jorge Ulloa

Judy A. Valentine

Henry E. van Roden

F. Bailey Vanneck

Neely Vanneck

Rebaca Varghese

Carol Ann C. Viebrock

George Viebrock

Sarah Vigoda

Neuvi Villanueva

Alexandra Villard

Rene Villard

Alvaro Vivanco

Kate Vivanco

David Volain

Amy Vorenberg

Thomas Vorenberg

George A. Vos

Lynn O. Vos

Susan M. Wade

Heather Wagner

Karin Wagner

Lara Wagner

Oliver M. Wald

Marsha Waldman

William D. Waldman

Rob Waller

Gregory Walters

Xiaowen Wang

Xuequn Wang

Kerene Ward

Peter Ward

Max J. Wardaki

Kathryn Warren

Alex Weiner

Marnie Weiner

Joseph Weingarten

Maria Weingarten

Gillian Weisman

Josh Weisman

Nicholas Weisser

Barry Wentworth

Peg Wentworth

Terrell West

Esme N. White

Ezra L. White

Frank White

Rebecca White

Rolando White

Natalie M. Wind

A. Gibson Wurtmann

Carol M. Wurtmann

Lorenzo Wyatt

Tamami Wyatt

James Xu

Debra Yacenda

Michael Yacenda

Jerett Yelton

Megan Yelton

Torrance York

Cristina M. Young

Donald C. Young

Diana Yu

Peter Yu

John D. Zatorsky

Libo Zhang

Hairong Zheng

David Zimmerman

Elizabeth Zimmerman

Constance F. Zlot

Jeffrey F. Zlot

Thomas A. Zoubek