Tuition Management

Dear King Family:

To help you better manage your student’s education expenses, King School is pleased to offer payment plans that allow you to spread your student’s education expenses over smaller monthly installments, paid over the course of the school year. Your cost is a $95 enrollment fee for the 10 payment plan and a $55 enrollment fee for the 4 payment plan.

Monthly payment plans are popular with many of our families because they provide them with greater flexibility and control over their monthly budget and may help to reduce unnecessary borrowing for education.

To take advantage of a popular payment plan that provides flexibility and control over your monthly budget, simply visit and enroll online. Once your plan is activated, you will receive an enrollment confirmation via email from TMS.

To get started follow these five easy steps to determine your payment plan budget amount:

  1. Calculate annual tuition. Other mandatory fees must be paid directly to King School. Your school costs can be located at Tuition and Fees
  2. Add up possible deductions which could include: scholarships, grants, loans or deposits made.
  3. Subtract your deductions from your expenses to determine your suggested payment plan budget.
  4. Choose a payment plan.
    • 10 Payments: May 1st to February 1st
    • 4 Payments: June 1st, July 1st, Sept 1st and Nov 1st
  5. Finally, divide the payment plan budget amount by the number of payments selected to determine your monthly payment.


King School and your payment plan partner TMS

PS: If you require any assistance with your online enrollment or to make a payment, please contact TMS at 800-722-4867 Monday-Friday 8am-10pm.