Private PREK-GRADE 12 EDUCATION near Norwalk

King Prepares Students For Success in College and Beyond

King School may be located in Stamford, however many students come from Norwalk and Rowayton. As neighbors of Norwalk, commuting to school is easy. One of the many benefits of a King education is the ability to meet and learn with students from over 30 different towns. Families from towns like Norwalk and others help add to our diverse and growing community.

Academics at King School

Students at the King School rise through 14 years of learning, education, and growth. Our school starts students as early as age 3 preschool and kindergarten. Explore King by academics program: 




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STEM Program

Many students at King school find their specific passions through our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program.

Students from Norwalk learn concepts throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school that help them prepare for the real world.

Our STEM scholars have the opportunity to work on applicable projects, conduct research, join in club activities, and learn real-world skills that will help them in college and beyond.




College Counseling

Upper school students from Norwalk and Rowayton receive unique, personalized college counseling guidance during their time at our private high school.

Our counselors help them find the right college to pursue their passions.

Each student is given opportunities to reflect on their ambitions for college, visit college campuses, prepare for college interviews, discuss standardized testing strategies, get assistance with applications and guidance on making their final college decision.

King believes that each student should have the opportunity to pursue their goals at a college that is the most competitive fit. We're here to help Norwalk students find a college that's right for them and prepare them for the future.