US Students inducted into Cum Laude Society

On Monday, April 17, nine Seniors and nine Juniors joined the prestigious Cum Laude Society during the annual induction ceremony in the PAC theater.

Dr. Thomas Zoubek, Chair of Cum Laude Society and King World Languages Chair, addressed the entire US community at the start of the ceremony. "It is worthwhile to reflect for a moment on the qualifications and merits of those to be honored today as well as those who were honored last year. They are students for whom the pursuit of learning for its own sake is its own reward. They are students who accept new challenges with zeal and who work diligently to realize their goals. They are self-disciplined, have a powerful work ethic honed over the years that allows them to tackle each new project, and maintain a consistently high level of achievement. They are students who will take the extra time to meet with teachers and work both independently and collaboratively with peers to realize success. These students have chosen rigorous academic programs and have met the requirements of all those courses of study and have often exceeded them. It is their sustained excellence over the entire course of their high school careers that marks them as worthy of consideration, although that is not to say that they have not grown emotionally and intellectually during the journey."

Natalia Siera Milan '04 was the guest speaker at the ceremony. Natalia attended Boston University where she graduated with majors in International Relations & Economics, and a minor in Spanish Literature. Natalia has a Law Degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law, and is currently an Assistant Legal Agency Director for the Department of Children and Families.

The motto of the Cum Laude Society is Arete, Dike, Time-Excellence, Justice Honor. Arete includes the concept of excellence in the moral sense and is not limited to the ideal of superiority and scholarship, nor does it involve the endeavor of competing primarily for academic goals. Dike includes the concept of what is suitable and appropriate, as well as just. Time includes the concept of dignity and truth, as well as honor

By the rules of the national charter King is allowed to induct no more than 20% of the senior class. Seniors inducted this year are:

William Nash
Peter Green
Amelia Hunt
Callie Bartimer
Emily Salomon
Karl Zoubek
Elisabeth Sciolla
Matthew Goodfellow
Megan Glinka

The rules of the charter specify that no more than 10% of the Junior class may be admitted as members. Juniors inducted this year are:

Elena Gribelyuk
Ciara O'Donnell
Oona Nash
Katherine Burke
Harris Walker
Alison Wheeler
Luke Koppenheffer
Rachel Kadlick
Anthony DeGrado

These students join last year's inductees: Carter Borchetta, Nisha Chandra, Samantha Ehlers, Richard Jove, Kayla Lichtman, James Michalski, Sophie Perez, Jonathan Richter, and Cara Shattan.

Congratulations to all our students on this tremendous honor!