PreK students open their Post Office and practice skills while delivering smiles

'Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds' - the United States Postal Service Creed. When our PreK students opened their post office to the community last week, each student took their assignments seriously and completed their 'appointed rounds' with accuracy and fun.

The PreK Post office remained open for two weeks and students created, sent, and received mail. The students were encouraged to draw pictures and/or write letters to their classmates, family members, and special friends.

The Post Office Unit allowed students to practice a variety of skills:

  • Phonemic Awareness: students sound out letters to words and "write" letters and notes to their classmates.
  • Reading: read aloud words written to them or sorting the letters into the correct piles
  • Fine Motor skills: as they practice letter formation
  • Math: counting and 1-1 correspondence as they "buy" stamps" - penny worth and recognition
  • Creativity: they design their own stamps which are then resized
  • Responsibility: having daily jobs and different variety from stamp sellers to deliverers
  • Kindness: students are encouraged to share thoughts and compliments as they create mail for their classmates

"We encouraged parents, siblings, extended family, and special friends to write. Students loved receiving their letters and cards. Each student had a chance to sell stamps, collect the mail, cancel the mail, sort the letters, and deliver the mail. Students practiced name recognition, one-to-one correspondence and counting as they participated in a variety of jobs. This was a fun way to learn about literacy and the Post Office," said Sandy Dauk, PreK Teacher.

This lesson is just one of many ways in which King intentionally nurtures a growth mindset, supports project based learning, and fosters students' social and emotional growth. Learn more about King's Early Childhood Education program here.