Grade 8 student Wafa Nomani Accepted to 2017 National Youth Leadership Forum for Medicine

Congratulations to Grade 8 student Wafa Nomani on her acceptance into the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine, an Envision program. Wafa will travel to California and study/stay at UC Berkeley, July 10-18, for the program. "I am very excited to be part of this program and to meet new people with similar interests and career aspirations. I love science and biology, in particular, and I've always wanted to go into medicine. Hopefully, I'll get a better understanding of the field when I attend NYLF. It's really exciting to be getting a glimpse of my future career," said Wafa.

According to the Envision press release:

Outstanding high school students from across the nation will take part in a unique career development opportunity, the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Medicine, an Envision program. Forum sessions will be held in 9 cities across the United States, introducing young scholars to the many challenges and career options in the field of medicine.

Throughout the nine-day program, students are introduced to emerging issues in public health, medical ethics, research, and general practice. Site visits to medical schools and clinical facilities expose the next generation of medical professionals to the real world of medicine. A highlight of the forum is a simulation that enables students to test their knowledge as they triage injured patients in a mass casualty disaster scenario.

Many of the students who attend the forum are nominated by teachers and guidance counselors, based on their demonstrated academic excellence, leadership potential and interest in medicine."

Michelle Sibrizzi, MS Science Faculty, nominated Wafa for this prestigious program. "Wafa is an extraordinary student with a passion for science and medicine . She independently researches new medical advances and consistently seeks ways to learn more about science. I know that Wafa will thrive in this program - it offers a unique opportunity for her to dig deeper into medicine and I look forward to hearing about her experience."

This year, Rafa is in Tom Castonguay's Concepts of Physical Science Class. Castonguay, Chair of Science Department, adds "It is such a delight to have Wafa as a student, for she possesses a wonderful combination of ability and passion. Wafa not only performs consistently at the highest levels but also yearns to learn about topics that are typically inaccessible to students her age. On numerous occasions Wafa's curiosity about scientific concepts sparked conversations that continued into several after-school meetings or lengthy email exchanges. There were times when the material addressed got so advanced that I forgot I was conversing with an 8th grader! And at no point did Wafa's interest wane. In fact, her curiosity only intensified. Wafa's future patients will be blessed to have their care in the hands of such a talent."