US Students Win Accolades at Prize Day

Outstanding Upper School students each year are recognized for achievement in a range of areas – from academic accomplishments to extracurricular talent to athletic talent. These awards were distributed during US Prize Day on Thursday, June 1.

Of the awards presented during Commencement Week at Upper School Prize Day and at Commencement, many are named for our own Alumni and Faculty. These award recipients represent the proud continuation of a legacy left by their predecessors, and serve as a lesson that the values held by our founding Schools for generations remain a critical part of our student culture today.

In this post, you'll find a snapshot of the award recipients from our multi-talented US student community. You'll also see the awards recognizing our Faculty.

Cum Laude Society

These students have been inducted into the King Chapter of the Cum Laude Society.

Members of the Class of 2017 who were previously inducted as Juniors: Carter Borchetta, Nisha Chandra, Samantha Ehlers, Richard Jove, Kayla Lichtman, James Michalski, Sophie Perez, Jonathan Richter, Cara Shattan

Members of the Class of 2017 who were inducted as Seniors: Callie Bartimer, Megan Glinka, Matthew Goodfellow, Peter Green, Amelia Hunt, William Nash, Emily Salomon, Elisabeth Sciolla, Karl Zoubek

Members of the Class of 2018 who were inducted this year: Katherine Burke, AJ DeGrado, Elena Gribelyuk, Rachel Kadlick, Luke Koppenheffer, Oona Nash, Ciara O'Donnell, Harry Walker, Ali Wheeler

King Prizes

These prizes are grounded in the history of the school and their recipients are chosen by our Upper School Faculty.

Nisha Chandra '17:The Alumni Prize recognizes a Senior who gives most promise of an adult sense of responsibility and obligation to the community and who, in maturity, intelligence and altruism, seems best fitted to take a place in the world.

Callie Bartimer '17: The Anne Ayres Herrick (Former Headmistress of the Low-Heywood School) Award honors a Senior who, through loyalty, integrity, and friendliness has contributed to King's high standards of character; the entire Upper School, both Faculty and students, votes this award.

Matt Roer '18: The Cornell Book Award was established to recognize a Junior's academic excellence, good citizenship, innovative thinking, and awareness of cultural diversity.

Bram Brakman '17: The Eleanor Christensen (Former Faculty) Prize is presented to a student who models the attributes of self-awareness, self-advocacy, commitment to their own development as a learner, and has mastered of the art of learning well.

Jonathan Richter '17: The Evald B. Olson (Former Varsity Baseball Coach) Prize is awarded to a Senior who, during the years at the School, has combined success in athletics with excellence in the study of mathematics and science.

Kayla Lichtman '17: The Faculty Prize recognizes a Senior who, through character, intelligence, and thoughtfulness, has won the respect of the Faculty.

Caroline Strom '18: The Jefferson Book Award was established to recognize outstanding high school students who show exceptional promise of developing, through education, into leaders who are well prepared to help shape the future of the nation and the world. This was Thomas Jefferson's vision when he founded the University of Virginia.

Caroline Strom '18: The Marc L. Hoffman (KLHT '95) Award is given to a rising Senior who has utilized his or her strengths along with embracing his or her learning style to achieve academic excellence. Furthermore, this student has demonstrated honor, integrity, good judgment and fair play.

Megan Glinka '17: The Meryl Kann (LH '36) Cup is awarded to a Senior whose unselfish spirit, dedication, and versatility have enriched the total life of the School.

Cole Dorsey '17: The Michelson Memorial Award is presented to the Senior who has maintained his or her position in their class on the basis of outstanding personal effort.

Samantha Ehlers '17: The Nancy Cunningham Nickerson (LH '32) Award is awarded to a Senior in recognition of commitment to improving the lives of those facing physical and/or spiritual challenges, and having an abiding concern for others.

Richard Jove '17: The Upper School Prize recognizes a Senior who, through scholastic, artistic, and athletic achievements, leadership and versatile and positive contributions to the life of the school has earned the recognition of the Faculty.

Memorial Awards

Amelia Hunt '17: The Boyle (LH Former Faculty) Prize is presented to a Senior who has entered the School within the last two years and who through enthusiasm and initiative has enhanced the quality of the School.

Carter Borchetta '17: The Gregory Dean Muggeo (KS '79) Memorial Award is presented to a Senior who best exemplifies the qualities Gregory Dean Muggeo displayed in his years at King, including leadership, devotion, generosity, vitality, and consideration for others.

Jack Kane '17: The Mildred G. Anderson Memorial Prize is awarded to a Senior who has been in the school for a minimum of two years and has shown the greatest overall development both as a student and as a person.

Kayla Lichtman '17: The Robert Morse Carpenter (KS '36) Memorial Prize is awarded to a Senior for high scholastic achievement as well as for an excellent record as a citizen of the school.

Megan Glinka '17: The William Bartram (KS '36) Memorial Prize is awarded to a Senior who has contributed the most to the school in co-curricular activities.

Certificates of Distinction

Global Studies Distinction is awarded to those students who successfully complete a rigorous program of study during high school of global problems and responses to them: environmental, socio-economic, diplomatic, and intellectual. Austen Albano '17, Trey Canevari '17, Megan Glinka '17, JD Hock '17, Sammy Houck '17, Jack Kane '17, Charlie Keating '17, Jack Rozen '17, Elisabeth Sciolla '17

STEM Distinction is presented to those students who pursue a variety of challenging coursework, club activity, and the completion of a Capstone project. Nisha Chandra '17, Samantha Ehlers '17, Matthew Goodfellow '17, Amelia Hunt '17, William Nash '17, Jonathan Richter '17

World Languages Distinction is presented to students who pursue a rigorous program of study in world languages during high school of two languages plus immersion through a cultural-linguistic trip and/or leadership role in a club or activity related to world languages. Caroline Benjamin '17

Class Prizes

Class Prizes are awarded by the Grade Deans and the Dean of Students to one student from each grade whose contributions have especially enriched their class.

Eliza Heaton: Freshmen Class Prize

Paul Noujaim: Sophomore Class Prize

Callie DiModica: Junior Class Prize

Lily Fox: Senior Class Prize

Departmental Awards

Computer Science

Austen Albano '17: Award for Excellence in Digital Multimedia Design is presented to a student who successfully implements various disciples of digital technologies including, but not limited to, videography, graphic design, web development, and sound composition with precision and dexterity to an audience of the 21st century.Will Millerchip '17: Award for Excellence in Visual Literacy honors a student who demonstrates an acuity not only in the processing of digital imagery in an increasingly technological landscape, but also a proficiency in producing content in high volume under the auspices of filmmaking and photography.

Cara Shattan '17: Computer Science Award recognizes commitment, dedication, and overall knowledge of the many facets of Computer Science, including using applications to create, as well as creating applications used to create.


Piper Loglisci '18: The American Studies Prize is presented to a Junior in recognition of ongoing intellectual curiosity and dedication to the study of American literature and history.

Memphis Moye '17: The Dater Prize for Improvement in English was established by Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Dater in memory of their daughter, Julia Lee Dater, an honors graduate in the class of 1956.

Carter Borchetta '17: The English Prize is presented to a Senior whose commitment to and passion for literary and rhetorical studies has enabled the student consistently to achieve at a high level in English over the course of high school.

History and Social Sciences

Harry Walker '18: The American History Prize is presented to a Junior in recognition of excellence in the study of the American past.

Matt Roer '18: Future Global Leader Award is presented to a Junior who has consistently demonstrated academic leadership and achievement with particular focus on global issues and the ability to address innovative problems with global impact.

Carter Borchetta '17: The History Prize is awarded to a Senior in recognition of general excellence in the study of history.

JD Hock '17: The Leadership Studies Prize recognizes a student who has demonstrated genuine engagement with the growing body of literature in field of Leadership theory and Practice, an ability to engage others in a clear vision, and the enthusiasm and energy to work toward implementing that vision.

Kayla Lichtman '17: The Philosophy Prize is awarded to a Senior who shows true passion for philosophy, combined with character and thoughtfulness.


Cameron Raker '19 and Elena Gribelyuk '18: The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) is held annually nationwide and recognizes winners for Grades 9/10 and Grades 11/12.

Elena Gribelyuk '18: Every year King School participates in the Fairfield County Mathematics League competition. This award recognizes the Top Scorer for the School this year.

Nisha Chandra '17: The Kenneth Cooper (Former Faculty) Prize is awarded to the Senior who has attained the highest average in mathematics during Upper School.

Samantha Ehlers '17: The Math Prize is given to a Senior who, through determination, has achieved at a high level and has earned the respect of the Math Faculty.

Elena Gribelyuk '18: The Rensselaer Medal is presented to a Junior who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in mathematics and science and has the potential for a successful career in a science or technology-related career.

James Michalski '17 and Charlie Keating '17: The Statistics Prize is awarded to the students who have demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of statistical concepts and with a consistent effort produced outstanding work in AP Statistics.

Performing Arts

Memphis Moye '17: The Boo Forester Drama Award is given in memory of Elizabeth "Boo" Chapman Forster '34, former drama teacher at King. Boo was an inspiration to her students and passionate about her work in the theater. The award goes to the student who displays dedication, versatility, and commitment to the King Performing Arts Department.

Krystal Ssonko '17: The Choral Award is given to a student who has shown excellence in choral singing.

Brittany Lombardi '17: The Dance Award is presented to a student who has displayed artistic and technical excellence in Dance.

Austen Albano '17 and Sean Hayes '17: The Instrumental Music Award is given to students who have enriched the King Community through their passion for performance in a variety of musical settings.

Zoe Clark '17: The Musical Theater Award is given to the student who, through talent and dedication, have achieved excellence in performance.

Ben Steib '17: The Technical Theatre Award is presented to a student who, through perseverance and dedication to the art form, has grown as a theatre technician and made significant contributions to productions in all divisions.


Ali Wheeler '18: The Bausch and Lomb Award is presented to a Junior who has demonstrated excellence in mathematics and science.

Harriet Winterlich '18: The Biology Prize is for excellence in the study of biology.

Elena Gribelyuk '18: The Chemistry Prize recognizes excellence in the study of chemistry.

Jack Tulloch '17: The Engineering Prize is awarded to a student who has demonstrated not only a passion for the subject but also a talent for constructing innovative solutions to technical challenges.

Jonathan Richter '17: Excellence in STEM Award is given to the student who has demonstrated: passion for STEM, excellence in STEM coursework, and talent for applying interdisciplinary knowledge to address real-world challenges.

Jason Liu '18: The Fairfield University-Sikorsky Engineering Award recognizes a Junior with excellent achievement in math and science.

Will Nash '17: The National Physics Competition Prize recognizes a student with an outstanding performance in the 2017 Physics Bowl Contest.

Will Nash '17: The Physics Prize is for excellence in the study of physics.

Visual Arts

Stephanie Schwartz '17: The Ceramics Prize recognizes a Senior for dedication to, willingness to experiment with, and mastery of this challenging medium.

Suzie Savage '17: The Diane Catalani (LHT '80) Memorial Prize in Art is awarded to a student who is deeply engaged with the process of making art during Senior year.

World Languages

Claire Whamond '17: The Chinese Prize is presented in recognition of high scholastic achievement in the study of Mandarin Chinese.

Emily Salomon '17: The French Language Prize is given to that student who demonstrates excellent verbal and written skills with the French language and an outstanding mastery of French grammar and vocabulary.

Callie Bartimer '17: The Spanish Language Prize is given to that student who demonstrates excellent verbal and written skills with the Spanish Language and an outstanding mastery of Spanish grammar and vocabulary.

James Michalski '17: The Spanish Literature Prize is given to that student who demonstrates an outstanding understanding of Spanish literary works and excellent analytical skills.

Athletic Awards

Thomas King '20: Daniel Hudson (Former Head of Upper School) Outstanding Freshman Male Athlete Award

Samantha Falcon '20: Karen Peterson (Former Faculty) Outstanding Freshman Female Athlete Award

Jayne Tully '17: Outstanding Senior Female Athlete Award

Trey Canevari '17: Outstanding Senior Male Athlete Award

Callie Bartimer '17 and Cara Shattan '17: Fairchester Athletic Association Scholar-Athlete Award is awarded to recognize Senior students who are in the top 10% of their class, have taken at least three AP classes, played at least two varsity sports, and have received All League recognition.

Riley Jones '18: The Jody Veeder Richards (LH '53) Award is presented to a female Upper School student who has demonstrated the highest standard in sportsmanship.

Sammy Houck '17: The Northrop (Former Athletic Director) Cup is awarded to the Senior who, during the years at King, has achieved an outstanding record in athletics, not only because of ability, but also because of a high level of sportsmanship.

Cara Shattan '17: North Stamford Exchange Club Scholar Athlete Award is a citywide award recognizes a female Senior who is a top scholar and has received athletic recognition from their league.

Flynn McMorrow '17: Stamford Old Timers Scholar Athlete Award is a citywide award recognizing a Senior who is a Stamford resident who excels in academics and athletics.

Cara Shattan '17: The Ware (LH '28) Award recognizes valuable contributions in athletics, high academic achievement, thoughtfulness for others, and a sense of responsibility for the School.

Four-Year Varsity Letter Winners: ('17 unless otherwise noted)

Basketball: Callie Bartimer, Trey Canevari, Jake Spencer

Field Hockey: Aimee Madigan, Claire Morris, Jayne Tully

Football: Ethan Bruck, Trey Canevari

Golf: Cameron Reiss

Ice Hockey: Jeremy Toscano, Charlie Keating, Garrett Waldner

Lacrosse: Sammy Houck, Claire Morris, Jayne Tully

Soccer: Callie Bartimer, Michael Burke, Kayla Lichtman, Jack Rozen, Elisabeth Sciolla

Softball: Kelly Conheeney '18

Squash: Nisha Chandra

Tennis: Callie Bartimer, Megan Glinka, Richard Jove, Maya Mandava, Cara Shattan,

Harry Walker

Volleyball: Cara Shattan

Five-Year Varsity Letter Winner:

Field Hockey: Ella Bruck

Twelve Season Varsity Letter Winner:

Callie Bartimer

Club & Activities Awards

Jared Bunder '17 and Spencer Gold '17: Canstruction Award recognizes students who assume leadership roles and follow through with their responsibilities.

Daniel Gilbert '18 and Matt Roer '18: Debate Team Prize is awarded to members who have consistently shown enthusiasm and dedication to the Team, and whose debating skills demonstrate excellence in the art of public speaking and argumentation.

Jordan Kulick '19: The Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes a student who fosters a commitment to understanding multicultural education and issues that focus on self-reflections, forming allies and building community.

Talia Newman '17: HOPE Award (Helping Other People Excel) recognizes a student who leads by example as a service ambassador for King in the community.

JD Hock '17 and Richard Jove '17: Investment Club Prize recognizes commitment to improving the club's understanding of the financial world by their enthusiasm, energy, and efforts to organize the club meetings and activities.

Samantha Ehlers '17: King Cares Service Prize is presented to a Senior who makes significant and impactful contributions to the community at large.

Elena Gribelyuk '18 and Jonathan Richter '17: Math Teaching Assistants Club Award recognizes students who altruistically helped students throughout the year.

Elena Gribelyuk '18 and Will Nash '17: Math Team Prize is given to individuals who, through loyalty to the team, faithful participation in its practices, strong involvement, and contributions to the team in competitions, have won the recognition and respect of the team and its coaches.

Nisha Chandra '17, Megan Glinka '17, and Richard Jove '17: Model UN Prize is awarded to members who have consistently shown enthusiasm and dedication to the Club, and have demonstrated a deep understanding of the global issues and concerns facing the United Nations.

Nisha Chandra '17: The Princeton Prize in Race Relations was created in 2003 by Princeton University to recognize high-school students for outstanding work in their schools or communities to advance the cause of race relations.

Zoe Clark '17 and Elisabeth Sciolla '17: Student Activities Award is presented to students who create opportunities to increase school spirit.

Volunteer Service Awards: These awards recognize service work throughout this year within the King community as well as work around the world. The Presidential awards are recognized by President Trump.

Special Recognition for 50-99 hours of service. Victoria Crowe '19, AJ DeGrado '18, Caroline Eagleton '19, Mallory Ehlers '19, Davis Knight '20, Luke Koppenheffer '18, Peter Marsh '20, Henry Meyer '19, Samuel Nadler '19, Dean Pigott '19, Morgan Riley '18, Caroline Strom '18

Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for 100-174 hours of service. Elena Gribelyuk '18, Max Helman '18, Rachel Kadlick '18, John Kennedy '19, Alexander Knorr '19, Oona Nash '18, Annika Ozizmir '18, Jonathan Richter '17

Silver Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for 175-249 hours of service. Callie DiModica '18, Ben Steib '17

Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for over 250 hours of service. Carli Levethan '19

Maeve Snover '18 and Caroline Strom '18: Yearbook Prize honors the students who have been most instrumental in taking initiative and responsibility towards completing the Yearbook.

Service Academy Recognition

Cara Shattan '17: A representative of The United States Military Academy recognizes Cara for her appointment to USMA Class of 2021 by the President of the United States.

Faculty Recognition

The Patricia A. McDermott (Former Trustee) Award and Faculty Summer Sabbatical Grants provide funding to support teachers who have been selected to explore subjects and ideas and develop their knowledge and expertise in a manner that will positively impact their work with students.

The Patricia A. McDermott (Former Trustee) Award: Patrick O'Neill, History and Social Sciences Faculty and Grade 9 Dean

Faculty Summer Sabbatical Grants: Margie Farrell, Paola Grant, and Neuvi Villanueva; these are all World Languages Faculty.

Drew Schoudel: Viking Athletic Service Award is presented to a Faculty member to recognize outstanding contributions to the King Athletic Program.