Young Democrats Club and Young Republicans Club Collaborate for Congressman Jim Himes

Young Democrats Club and Young Republicans Club Speak to Congressman Jim Himes

Members of the Upper School’s Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs interviewed Congressman Jim Himes, who represents Connecticut’s fourth district. The meeting took place on March 10, and in the spirit of bipartisanship, the two clubs worked together to develop their questions.

The students described the conversation as both productive and informative. “We live in a time of polarization, and the filibuster is an institution that is upholding that,” said Will Burke ’21, one of two student-leaders of the Young Republicans club, as he referred to one of the topics Mr. Himes addressed in his presentation. “I think that’s something most people can agree on.” 

In addition to the filibuster, Mr. Himes answered questions about COVID-19 vaccinations, the Robinhood hearings, transportation, protections for the LGBTQ+ community, and immigration policies. Alesia Paz ’21, one of three student-leaders of the Young Democrats Club, felt that Congressman Himes provided thorough and thoughtful answers. “Congressman Himes has very informative and interesting opinions formed by both his experience in office and on Wall Street,” says Alesia. “I really appreciated the multifaceted answers he gave us.”