Timers provide visual cues for Grade 1 King students

Students in Grade 1 use sand timers as visual cues to help them stay on task. This highly visual way to measure time helps break down activities into reasonable periods of time, encouraging King students to be mindful and intentional about time.

During Readers' Workshop, for example, students use timers to build reading stamina as they challenge themselves to read longer. Timers are also used as a way for students to prepare themselves for transitions, which are often difficult for young students. Grade 1 Faculty Julia Rachinsky-Wood explains that "this is empowering, as it allows the students to finish one activity and prepare to move on to the next."

To support social-emotional growth, students use timers to reinforce the concept of taking turns. Whether taking turns playing in a particular area or with a certain toy, the use of timers helps facilitate a smooth process. The children also use timers to assist them as they work on taking turns being a speaker or an active listener. Sometimes it is fun, maybe even calming, to watch the sand gently pour from the top to the bottom of the timer.

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