PA Parenting Speaker Series opens with Lynn Lyons: Stop the Worry Cycle

On Monday, October 7 and Tuesday, October 8, the Parents' Association welcomed Lynn Lyons, internationally recognized psychotherapist, author and speaker to King School. Over the course of the two days, Lynn met with staffulty, students, and parents to communicate a consistent message to manage and stop the worrying cycle and raise courageous and independent children and teens. 

On Monday evening, Lynn humorously explained the anxiety cycle and outlined specific strategies to the King parents. She advised parents to confront the anxiety, tolerate (and normalize) the discomfort, stop anxiety avoidance, and step into action and skill building.

On Tuesday morning, Lynn had parents laughing on the extremes to which anxiety can take us and how in perspective our avoidance and coping aren't that at all. She gave guidance on real life issues faced by parents and explained her steps and actions to manage the anxiety. Lynn offers the following 'tips for management of anxiety." 

Some feedback from parents on the event:

"Finally, someone who is offering practical, realistic and effective techniques for managing anxiety!  I love the idea that we can teach our kids to handle anxiety throughout the lifespan. Lynn Lyons is funny and informative and her talk was helpful for me in terms of dealing with my kids, and for my own anxiety. I hope we can all use her pointers to help our kids feel less pressure, or at least feel they can handle it better!  Thanks to King for bringing her to our community."

"From information to insight to advice peppered with humor, Lynn Lyons opened our eyes to every parent and child's relationship with anxiety.  We look forward to parenting with more understanding and less fear.  Many thanks to the administration and the PA on working together to bring such a wonderful speaker to the King community."   

"Loved Lynn Lyons. After 25 (no typo) years at King, I think she was the most interesting and funny speaker I've heard."

The PA Parenting Speaker Series seeks to provide a forum to support one another in our shared endeavor of raising responsible children by presenting relevant speakers and opportunities for discussion.