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KingIsHome remote learning program begins in our community


On Monday, March 30, 2020, King School implemented our KingIsHome remote learning program. Our campus may be closed, but our learning community continues. There are many commitments that we will make to our students and their families across all divisions, all of which are rooted in our commitment to prioritizing the student experience through active engagement:

  • Each week, students will have the opportunity for some asynchronous learning, when all students can access assignments and work at their own pace, in the order that they'd like. Examples of this kind of learning might include accessing math problems on Dreambox, reading a book and completing a written assignment that is available on MyKing, or collaborating virtually on a Google doc to complete a project that requires students to apply their knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Each week, students also will have the opportunity for some synchronous learning, where a group of students will learn the same thing at the same time, usually on a video platform.  An example of this might be a virtual meeting of a History class for all students and a teacher on a Google Hangout, or a daily Zoom meeting of an advisory group with their advisor.
  • All teachers will seek to keep students as engaged as possible in learning new material and skills so that our semester moves forward.
  • Faculty will continue to assess student work along the way, and there will be multiple ways for students and their families to connect with teachers on those assessments.  The Lower and Middle School faculty, for example, will hold their previously scheduled conferences by video conference, and the Upper School faculty will be sharing more frequent summaries of student performance.
  • There will be regular feedback loops for students and teachers to share what is and is not working well with our systems, which will allow us to be as responsive as possible in addressing everyone's needs. 
  • We deeply value our community and will provide multiple opportunities for us to stay connected. 

Students embraced this morning's Advisory and reconnected with Faculty and friends. Grade 6 Science class had some fun with Ms. Silbereisen's unit on the three states of matter and explained how the particles behave, how they are arranged, and how they move. Watch student Amy P's video here.  Read more about KingIsHome remote learning in each division.