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King Football 2020 Fall Preview

By Wendell Maxey, King Sports Information and Social Media Liaison 

As the 2020-21 school year officially gets underway at King School, Viking student-athletes have already been hard at work on campus with Fall preseason training and skills development sessions taking place for Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Crew, Cross Country, Football, and Field Hockey. 

Led by our dedicated and passionate King coaches, each program will continue to offer competitive and skill-based training opportunities, a challenging and engaging atmosphere, while also supporting the physical, mental, and social-emotional health of our students.

It wouldn't be Fall without football. After two months of preseason training, daily drills, and hard work, the Vikings are officially ready to get back on the football field and compete. Led by Senior Team Captains, Ethan Anderson, Mark Garavel, Gavriel Genger, and Alexander Millerchip, King will play three FAA friendly games of modified "7 vs 7" helmet only touch rules against Hamden Hall Country Day School, St. Luke's School, and Greenwich Country Day School in October and November. For Vikings Football, the season is yet another opportunity to step on the field and build upon a strong football tradition at King that continues to grow, regardless of the circumstances. 

Coaches: Dan Gouin (Head Coach) Artie Waters (Assistant Coach), Stephen Sheehan (Assistant Coach), Tuck Gouin (Assistant Coach), John Armstrong (Assistant Coach)

Team Captains: Ethan Anderson, Mark Garavel, Gavriel Genger, Alexander Millerchip

Returning Players: Griff Gaine, Carter Brown, Joey Barocas, Isaiah Altues, Tommy Vaccari, Kenny Backes, Chase Brown, Jack O'Callaghan. Mark Garavel, Drew Athan, Sajan Porter, Ryan Hammoud, Ethan Anderson, Joey Cohen, James Schiff-Denota, Fritz Conrod, Alex Millerchip, Kenny Villard, Chris Flynn, Jonathan Decker, Gavi Genger, Jackson Janney, Peter Passaro, Thomas Mandel-Mantello

New Additions: Branden Louis, Tommy Fitzgibbons, Charlie Hill, Brian Karle, Tommy Heaton, Adrian Davies, Owen Tucker, Charlie Allard, Matt Graham- Brown, Lucas Graham- Brown, Max Hoffmeister, Edward Scheiber

One-on-one with King Football Head Coach, Dan Gouin  

What are some of your reflections about last Fall season from King Football: It was a tough year for the Vikings win wise, as we started a lot of young players and upper class players who were seeing real first action. This team got better every day which is the most important thing in my mind for a head coach.

What are you looking forward to the most about this Fall preseason: I am looking forward to having a chance to show everyone how hard we worked this winter, how the kids did their best to train during the lock-down, and to prove to everyone last year is far behind us and we can really play this game.

What's the biggest message you want the team to come away with this preseason and through their skills training sessions: That we can flat play football, we are miles ahead of last year in terms of skills, executing those skills, and even the manner at which we approach practice, this team steps on the field and goes to work at a very high level and at a very fast pace. WE ARE GOOD!

One word to describe what it means to be back on campus working with student-athletes at King: Happiness!

Team Captains Spotlight: Ethan Anderson, Mark Garavel, Gavi Genger, Alexander Millerchip

How has working with the King Football coaching staff and taking part in training sessions helped improve your skills and development over the past two months: Working with my coaches and practicing with my team has been the highlight of my day, everyday, for the last 2 months when preseason started. Everyone understands that the circumstances that we're playing in aren't ideal, but everyday my coaches and teammates come to practice looking to have fun and get better. You would think that not being able to practice in full pads would lead to less intense practices, but the improvement in myself and each of my teammates is evident even through just one month because of the fact that practices are still competitive and intense. The coaches continue to try and get the best out of each of us, and their passion for the game is what drives me to go to practice everyday and get better. -- Ethan Anderson 

Being named a Team Captain is a big honor and goes hand-in-hand with "leadership". What are some ways that you're displaying leadership to the team and/or teammates this Fall: One way I try to display leadership as a Team Captain is by leading by example and going 100% all the time, so the younger players see that and will do the same. Another way to show leadership is by keeping the team motivated through adversity and difficult situations. -- Mark Garavel 

King recently received good news and will play a series of FAA friendly games on October 24, October 31, and November 7 against Hamden Hall, St. Luke's School, and Greenwich Country Day School. What does it mean to be able to suit-up for these three games to highlight the Fall season: I'm happy we'll compete in some way and I still want our guys to beat Hamden Hall, and go 3-0. Even though we're not really playing full contact football, I'm proud of the way the team has rallied together, shown energy, and is still trying to win. Overall, we're in a tough situation but we plan on making the best of things. Roll Vikes!  -- Gavriel Genger

The past four years have included a lot of hard work, practices, and games representing King on the football field. As a Senior playing his final Fall season, what have you learned the most from this experience as a student-athlete: After playing King football for four years, my final fall season has taught me to be ready for anything. Over the past four years, King football has had a wide range of ups and downs. Even in our darkest of days, I always knew The team had each other's back. Our mission this year was to focus on the present to help us in the future despite the past and the current situations. Especially this year, we were all  looking for a way to display our skills and put on a show. If I can take one message from the King football program it would be, the one working hardest when no one is around is the one who will always come out on top. That is the mentality each of the kids knew they had to have this fall to compete and be the best at what they do. -- Alexander Millerchip 


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