PA Speaker Cristina Young encourages celebrating teens' success and keeping open lines of communication

Earlier this week the Parents' Association welcomed Cristina Young as she presented Understanding the Teenage Brain: The Keys to Improving a Challenging Relationship. Ms. Young, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Therapist with 25-years of experience, led an authentic discussion on the challenges and joys of parenting teenagers in today's environment.  Her talk based on recent brain research and personal and professional experience helped the audience understand the typical conflicts that arise with and within our teens and how to best anticipate and react in those moments. Ms. Young, a King parent and mother of three teenagers, provided those in attendance with practical tools for managing the emotions their teens trigger in them and an understanding that "anxiety has amnesia" and that celebrating successes no matter how big or small, and keeping the lines of communications open both ways is never to late.

Parents left feeling better equipped to handle the highs and lows of the adolescent years and eager to put into practice the advice they received from Ms. Young.

Parents' reflections:
"Cristina Young spoke candidly about the challenges of parenting. She provided explanations to help understand the teenage brain and shared ideas to help parents calmly deal with their teens. These tips will be so useful for future parenting and interacting with my teens."

"I found Cristina very insightful, very straightforward and she gave us some great tool takeaways – and I'm looking forward to using a Life Preserver!"

Ms. Young's presentation was part of the PA Parenting Speaker Series, which seeks to provide a forum for parents to support one another in our shared endeavor of raising ethical and responsible children by presenting relevant speakers and by creating opportunities for discussion among parents and within families.

Ms. Young runs parenting sessions for Moms and for Dads (individuals or couples) and will be starting up new groups in the Fall.  Full information on those sessions can be found at under "Services."  She also shares her thoughts on her blog.