Generations and cultures connect through language and friendship



Earlier this month, US students in the Introduction to Global Studies course visited Building One Community (B1C), in Stamford, and supported clients in an English language learning class and worked on a phrasal verb activity. B1C's mission is to advance the successful integration of immigrants and their families. Laura Bowe, History and Social Sciences Faculty, comments "As we explore global issues in our course, I work to offer opportunities for students to engage in authentic experiences so that they might apply their understandings to the real world."

This Global Studies course introduces students to the concept of globalization as a dynamic process and condition. It explores the causes and effects of globalization and asks questions such as: What is globalization? How does globalization occur? Is globalization a new phenomenon? Is globalization driven by conflict or consensus? Does globalization create new forms of inequality and social hierarchy? This is an inquiry-based course that surveys the socio economic, socio-political, technological, and ecological dimensions of globalization, as well as the ideologies of globalization. 

Global education continues to build a partnership with King Cares, which included a representative from B1C speaking to the class about their mission and initiatives, and Karen Raidt, Director of King Cares, organizing this visit. Learn more about Global Education at King.