King Scholars Earn Cum Laude Distinction
King Scholars Earn Cum Laude Distinction

A row of students gleamed on stage before an audience of parents, family members, faculty, and staff at King’s Performing Arts Center as they received recognition for achieving cum laude distinctions for academic excellence. Fittingly, the phrase “cum laude” is Latin for “with praise.”

“Today, we celebrate you and your hard work individually and collectively,” said Head of School Carol Maoz as she celebrated the recipients. “Remember this experience as an example of true excellence where your individualism converges with a greater purpose, and your success is the result of both your hard work and the love and dedication of many others.” 

 “Keep up the good work! As you continue your academic journey, keep gaining invaluable knowledge and apply it intentionally and purposefully in the service of others,” said Maoz. 

Chair of the Cum Laude Committee and Social Sciences Department, Dr. Tom Zoubek also commended the scholars. 

“Whether your dreams are evolving in scientific research or on the athletic field, while playing an instrument, painting a beautiful work of art, or composing a wonderful story; if it’s your dream, it should give you joy,” said Zoubek.  

“We have lived through a very difficult time, and we continue to live through a difficult time,” he said as he alluded to the challenges brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic. “We don’t know what the challenges of the future may bring. So stay focused on what makes you happy, on what brings you joy. Joy is a source of perseverance.”

Congratulations to the following seniors that have earned the Cum Laude distinction at King School for the 2021-22 school year:

King Scholars Earn Cum Laude Distinction

Madeline Bramel

Joz Butler

Anabelle Creveling

Ronald Harvey

Adam Nomani

Carson Perlman

Karina Rao

John Russell

Norah Shattan