The PA Global Fair brings the world to King and celebrates diversity

The King Community took a trip around the world last week and never left the LS gymnasium. It was an afternoon filled with memories of faraway places where the roots of our community began; delicious food once shared by families much like our own; and the differences that bring us together. The King Global Fair, sponsored by the Parents' Association King Inclusion and Diversity Committee (KinD), celebrated our diverse community and featured over 36 countries and U.S. states represented in our school family.

This year, the Global Fair (formerly known as the Multicultural Fair) included the addition of American States. During the Fair, parent volunteers took visitors "Around the World in One Day" with each volunteer representing the country or state of their family's origin. 

PA KinD Committee Co-Chair Miranda Linders comments, "Being part of King KInD, I would refer to it as True King KInD spirit; our community's diversity was celebrated by the many different countries and US states. On top of that, inclusion was celebrated by the participation of U.S. states. We all proudly have a heritage and traditions to share, no matter where in the world we come from. 

As a committee, we relied greatly on our Global Fair Volunteers. Without them there would be no Fair. We are so proud of our volunteers who went out of their way to cook, bake, build, and decorate; prepare arts and crafts activities; and create slideshows. We are so grateful! And best of all, our students loved it! What a way to teach them about diversity and inclusion! The younger students received passports to collect country and state flag stickers, while older students enjoyed educational displays with interesting and fun facts and special arts and crafts activities. This is the best way for our children to learn about the world they live in. Hurray for the Global Fair!"

Fellow Co-Chair Fabiola Tambini-Mallette adds,"The Global Fair is an amazing event that reflects the spirit of King: solidarity and teamwork. It is a good example of all of us working together toward one objective, which is to represent our culture and heritage and build a strong identity as a community. At King, diversity is our best asset."

Thank you to our entire community for making the Fair a continued success. View a full Gallery of photos