Students address global challenges through the King School Model UN Club

From fracking and genome sequencing to military intervention in transnational conflicts, King students practiced the art of debate during Harvard University's annual simulation of the United Nations. The King School Model UN delegation participated in the virtual event which took place between January 28 through January 31. 

"Although this conference year was undoubtedly an unconventional one, our club remained focused and engaged in our virtual King, New Canaan, Brown, and Harvard meetings," said Ava Bussan '21, head delegate and MUN Club co-president as she praised her classmates' accomplishments this year. "We were very pleased with the performance of our members and we appreciated their commitment throughout this challenging year," Ava said.  

"Even with the difficulties that virtual meetings present, the Harvard MUN conference was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, complete with the beautiful tension and excitement that any other conference would bring," Billy Bernfeld '22, who attended all the virtual conferences this year, added. "With challenge upon challenge to face in ensuring that it worked properly, the team that put together this conference did an amazing job in making it coherent, effective, and enjoyable," Billy said.

"The King delegates at the Harvard University Model UN conference spoke passionately and analytically about critical challenges facing humanity," reported Christos Galanopoulos, History Faculty and MUN Club Advisor. 

The committees analyzed a wide range of challenging problems, including:

— The law of the seas.

— Military intervention in transnational conflicts.

— Human genome sequencing.

— Fracking.

— The role of multinational corporations in sustainable development.

— Trade and development post-COVID.

— Population dynamics and family planning.

— Expansion of access to early education around the globe.

— Present day concentration camps.

— The legality of commercial sex trafficing.

— Political autonomy in non-self governing territories.

— Historical crisis simulation of the notorious Fujimori cabinet in Peru.

"The range of committees and topics gave students the chance to research crucial issues as they prepared to negotiate with other delegates," added Mr. Galanopoulos.

The King School delegation included: head delegates Ava Bussan '21, Thomas Mandel-Mantello '21, and Alesia Paz '21, and delegates Kenny Backes '23, Nicole Barrera '23, Billy Bernfeld '22, Samuel Cohen '24, Ellie Goudie '22, Meredith Joo '23, Nii Adom Laryea-Adjei '23, Jake Murphy '21, and Spencer Owen '23. 

Congratulations to all!

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