Seniors Present Creative Talents at Art Colloquium

Seniors Present Creative Talents at Art Colloquium

A group of 11 King School seniors presented their artwork and talked about their yearlong exploration of various mediums. In preparation for the annual art colloquium, which took place on April 29, students experimented with different art forms to creatively convey their interests and life experiences. 

Seniors Present Creative Talents at Art ColloquiumAlisa Kukharkin's work was titled "Chasing a Feeling" and captured poster-size images of nature and solid and transparent color panels hung from the ceiling. 

Alisa described her preparation for this project as a year-long process that started with lots of brainstorming. "Art has taught me how to be patient, and that creation is an adaptive process," she shared.

Eva Fragner's project involved a combination of lanterns and framed die cuts of elements of trees. "I aim to capture the significance and gloriousness of the changes in seasons and light and how noticing these things can bring value to our lives," she said. When asked about her learning experience, Eva noted that the project taught her that "art is a gift, and it allows everyone to see meaning and value through different perspectives." 

Alexandra Ring '21 created a book titled Mystery Girl that compiled the writings and illustrations she created during the year. In exploring the feelings and experiences of a fictional character, Alexandra shared that she discovered her own passion for art. "My project taught me that art is my happy place ... It is a space away from academic pressures and social media. Art is how I best express my feelings and thoughts through my brushes and paints. Instead of words on paper, I find my voice through art. My art makes anything possible," she added.

These are just three examples of a diverse range of artworks and themes that Advanced Art students presented in front of their peers. The students developed a personal theme which they developed and sophisticated throughout the year. In the spring, they exhibit their work in the PAC Lobby Gallery, and they participate in the Senior Art Colloquium, where they present their work and explain their processes to the Upper School community.