Middle School students enjoy expanded sports program


Paddle tennis, basketball, field hockey, soccer, beach volleyball, creative movement, and more! Grade 7 students Sam Dulski and Jackson Dooley enjoy and appreciate this year's expanded sports program in Middle School. 

"The differentiation has been the best," stated Jackson. "There are so many sessions, that our choices and variety allow us to try new things and to still be with our classmates. It's great to still have Athletics during such difficult times." 

"I know that this year has been tough, but the coaches and staff have done a great job of allowing us to get outside, where we are moving around and are still able to compete in different sports," adds Sam. 

Athletics Operations Director Tom Decker is excited to see so many students choose to try activities they have never done before. While staying active and healthy, students are also learning to be adaptive, to work as a team, and, of course, to stay safe by following the protocols related to Covid. 

Dean of Athletics Micah Hauben points out that "through athletic participation, students develop stronger communication, self-advocacy, and time management skills. These skills contribute to academic performance, and the physical activity also helps reduce stress, so our students are more well-balanced." 

"Taking risks and learning from your mistakes, not giving up, and increasing self confidence carries over from sports to academic life as well as to daily life," adds Athletic Trainer Emma Jonsson. 

Go Vikings! 

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