Growing readers and writers - tips for parents and caregivers


“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss

Young children develop literacy skills in the primary and intermediate years that prepare them to skillfully navigate texts in a variety of subject areas, and ultimately to academic success in the middle and high school curriculum.  

At King School, through Readers and Writers Workshops, Lower School students have the opportunity to engage with material that interests and challenges them. Students enjoy reading independently and become familiar with a variety of genres, ranging from fantasy and historical fiction to biography. Students also learn different approaches to writing, including opinion, argumentation, and narrative forms. Each child has a book box or book bag that travels between school and home.

Watching children grow and develop as readers and writers is an rewarding experience for parents and caregivers. We invite you to try these ways to support children's literacy development at home. 

  • Read aloud to and with your child daily for 20-30 minutes. Make this a special time without the distractions of phones or television. 

  • Play word games such as Zingo, Scrabble, I Spy, Boggle, Word Bingo, etc. 

  • Model your own reading life to demonstrate that reading is an enriching part of daily living. If you're reading on an electronic device, let your child know that you are reading. 

  • Promote writing by having note cards, books, magazines, greeting cards, post-its, pencils, pens, and markers accessible. 

  • Ask questions while reading, standing in-line, and during the drive home from school. 

  • Encourage your child to retell their favorite part of a story, share facts they've learned as well as their opinions, or discuss something they found puzzling in a book and are wondering about. 

  • Join your local library and help your child enjoy browsing and selecting books to read.  

  • Feel free to connect with your child's teacher for additional suggestions on ways to support a love of reading and writing.  

Learn more about King School's project-based teaching and learning in our Reggio inspired early childhood program and Grades 1-5 program.  Learn about King's skills-based approach to reading, writing, thinking, and speaking, and how King students in Grades 3-5 enhance their reading and writing skills to become effective researchers and communicators