Grade 7 Participates in Day of Service and Team Building Activities



In late January, Grade 7 students enjoyed a morning of service at Building One Community: The Center for Immigrant Opportunity (B1C), and Long Ridge Rehabilitation Center, followed by an afternoon of team building at Trap't Escape Room.

At B1C, students worked with local clients on improving their English, beginning with lessons on calendar dates and ending with translations of holidays. Each student was paired with an adult and worked on English lessons and conversation. They also played games using the terms that they had studied. Grade 7 student Chase Perlman spent the morning at B1C and adds, "I really enjoyed my time working with the clients at B1C. We had the opportunity to teach adults the vocabulary of the calendar. This was a great experience to use my Spanish and help the clients."

Another group of students spent the morning at Long Ridge Rehabilitation Center and played a variety of games with the residents, participated in arts and crafts, and decorated the Center for Valentine's Day. Students enjoyed hearing about the personal lives of the residents and our group's presence was greatly appreciated.

Grade 7 Team Leader Michelle Sibrizzi accompanied the group to Long Ridge and comments, "The students' visit was very powerful and wonderful to experience. Students were engaged with residents, teaching them how to design cards, playing games, and conversing. One of the residents commented on how well behaved our students were and another woman, whose mother is a resident of the Center, added that 'my mother barely leaves her room or participates in any activities, but she spent an entire hour with one of your students decorating a heart and playing games with him.  It was really sweet to see.' When we left, everyone was hugging and sad to leave. We look forward to returning soon."

The entire class also had the opportunity to compete at Trap't Escape the Room, where they had 60 minutes to use clues and puzzles which led to multiple rooms in an effort to find the exit before time expired. It was a fun and collaborative exercise and a great way to finish the afternoon.

The King Cares Service Program focuses on developing existing relationships between King School and our community and champions the development of each individual by offering students the opportunity to help others through service. This full day of activities was a memorable morning of service to our local community and team work and collaboration in the afternoon.