Grade 5 Students Explore Morocco

Morocco student presentationAs part of King’s global education initiative, grade 5 students have been exploring Morocco. Students were introduced to various resources such as books, articles, videos, and photos to begin developing an understanding of the North African country’s rich cultural heritage. 

Zoe Vance ’29 shared with students in grade 5 about her experience visiting Morocco by presenting a slideshow and sharing her Morrocan souvenirs. “In my presentation, I talked about my travels to different cities, and about the Hassan II Mosque, which is the second-largest mosque in Africa,” said Zoe. “I also brought some items for them to see, like the lipstick that they use which comes in a small jar,” she shared. Zoe also brought other items such as cumin, a common spice used in Moroccan cuisine, a Tajine which is a traditional pot used for cooking, and a necklace to demonstrate Moroccan craftsmanship.

Grade 5 teacher, Lisa DeGirolami explains that exposure to native items sparks curiosity and helps students deepen their understanding of another culture. “For example, students were introduced to a certain powder that then becomes the paint for henna or argan oil which actually starts as a nut from a tree,” said DeGirolami. “Between the direct exposure, the hands-on examination, and the thinking, the experience begins to work together to spark their interest in those items. Beyond that, it also gets the students to practice that kind of thinking for something else that they might become really interested in.”


Morocco student presentation