Upward Bound: Facilitating the Transition to Upper School
Upward Bound: Facilitating the Transition to Upper School

Upper school students mingled with their middle school counterparts recently as part of the school’s effort to prepare eighth grade students for the high school experience. In preparation for the visit, the rising students took a survey that identified important topics of conversation between the two divisions based on interest.

Middle school student Varun Bennabattula '26 found the event to be beneficial. “I really thought they helped a lot with all of the things I was confused about. They helped with the questions on course selection, time management, and the overall experience,” said Varun. 

“Frankly, they spoke quite well and cleared up the fog for me,” he continued. “I feel less worried about transitioning to the Upper School now. They answered all of our questions and even more questions than we expected.”

Upper School student Peter Passaro ’23 was happy to revisit old classrooms and talk with the students. "The most important thing middle school students should keep in mind as they transition to Upper School is to be responsible for themselves,” he said. “Students who are proactive with emailing and meeting with teachers about work are not only better about getting work done, it also shows that they are capable of being professional.”

King School is committed to providing students with transitional experiences that prepare them for an incremental progression into the next division as they navigate their academic careers.