Sixth Grade Partners With Local Nonprofit to Study Invasive Species

In partnership with SoundWaters, a local environmental nonprofit organization, sixth grade students are conducting a year-long study on invasive species. Their research will include two visits to the SoundWaters station at Cove Island Park, where they will investigate how the Asian Shore Crab population changes throughout the year. 

Sixth Grade Partners With Local Nonprofit to Study Invasive Species

Their research continues in the classroom, where the crabs are being monitored in aquariums. “The students made brackish water and conducted water quality tests to ensure that the overall health of the aquarium’s ecosystem was sustainable before the crabs came,” said science teacher Lindsay Chiodi. “Now that the crabs are here, students will have an opportunity to monitor the water quality by tracking the data throughout the year. Some of those tests include salinity, pH, temperature, and nitrates.”  

Lily Schwartz '28 is enjoying having the ability to monitor the crabs in class closely. “So far, I have learned about how they live, what type of water they need and how to tell if a crab is male or female,” she said. 

When the class returns to SoundWaters in the Spring, Lily expects to see some differences from her last visit. “I expect to see a potential change in their habitat. I’m looking forward to seeing how large they grew or if the population has increased or diminished. I can’t wait to go back and find out!” 

Sixth Graders Partner With Local Nonprofit to Study Invasive Species