New Leaders Elected to the Middle School Student Council
New Leaders Elected to the Middle School Student Council
New Leaders Elected to the Middle School Student Council

After building campaigns, delivering speeches, and rallying support, candidates faced off in the Middle School Student Council election over the past few weeks, bringing fresh faces to represent the middle school student body. Elected representatives are charged with sharing student ideas and concerns with the broader school community.

Eighth grade students Hathaway Liparidis and Alexandra Gusinski were elected co-presidents this year. Together they will share the role of leading the Student Council as they chair its meetings, organize its events and serve as leaders of new initiatives.

“I look forward to helping the middle school students in the King community have their voice heard,” said Alexandra. “Hathaway and I will help students make better connections with each other throughout the year so that they can have the best experience possible.”

In addition to the presidents, two students were elected in each Middle School grade to serve as grade representatives. Henry Ferguson and Theodore Zhang will represent Grade 6, Noor Nomani and Alicia Leng will represent Grade 7, and Chloe Eisenberg and Ben Mazzullo will represent Grade 8. The representatives will serve as the voice for their grade peers in Student Council meetings while serving as leaders in related events as well.

“I want my peers to know that my partner and I and the Student Council hear them and commend them for speaking up and giving feedback, suggestions, and questions,” said Chloe. “As a grade rep, I would also like to promote kindness and inclusivity throughout the Middle School.”

The Student Council serves as an excellent vehicle for leadership development. Each role has a clear purpose in serving the Middle School community broadly and through inclusion activities and service projects. To that end, in addition to the presidents and grade representatives, there are also roles that hone in on these two objectives, with a student from each grade elected as King Cares Ambassadors and Inclusion Ambassadors. 

Lucy Grabowski ’28, Caroline Curry ’27, and Anaiya Shah ’27 will serve as King Cares Ambassadors, while Kendi Mwenda ’26 will serve as an Inclusion Ambassador. 

Together, the new faces of the Student Council are looking forward to bringing positivity to the Middle School experience.

“I am committed to improving our learning environment so that we can all have the best sixth grade year,” said Henry. “I will work toward positive change so our school year will be successful and awesome.”