Stamford Mayor Visits King’s First Grade Class
Stamford Mayor Visits King’s First Grade Class

The best way to learn about a community might be to talk to its leader, and that is exactly what the first grade did when they invited Stamford Mayor David Martin to class, and he accepted. 

Elected in 2013 as the 31st mayor of Stamford, Martin manages approximately 1,500 employees. “There are a lot of people involved in helping to run the city. We have police officers, firefighters, nurses, crossing guards, tax collectors, and people who keep track of all the accounting and spending,” he said. 

Martin is loaded with facts about the city, which allowed him to play games with the class. “Guess how many traffic lights there are in Stamford?” 

Students took turns estimating, with answers ranging between 20 and 210, until he told them the correct answer of 1,500. “They are made to last very long, but occasionally they break. There is a team of people who can go out and fix the traffic lights too,” said Martin.  

Thus, the mayor delighted the students with his fun insights while also loading them with informative facts about the inner workings of the city they navigate every day. The students, in turn, peppered him with questions about leadership, community, and his love of the city.

“Why do you love to help the community?” asked Chloe Darvish.

“I love what I’m doing, even though it can be a difficult job sometimes,” the mayor replied. “It’s great when the community can work together to get something done. When anything changes for the better, that makes me feel really good.” 

“Why did you run for mayor instead of president?” asked Clyde David Beverly. 

“The candidates who run for president have a lot of people supporting them, and I don’t have quite that many people supporting me. The other thing is, I don’t want to be president; it’s a very tough job,” said Martin.  

Martin first ran for mayor 12 years ago and lost but ran again in November 2013, winning the election. Though his second term is now winding down, he does not plan to run again. 

As he was leaving and the class processed what they had learned, Aria Mazotas had a final question for him. “What do you love most about Stamford?”

“It is a diverse community that’s really succeeding,” he said. “My goal is to show people that you can have a community that’s both very diverse and very successful. People actually consider it to be the best city in the state of Connecticut.”