Introducing the Lower School Student Council
Lower School Student Council

This year’s fourth and fifth grade students are redefining leadership in the Lower School by launching a new Student Council. This initiative will increase engagement and raise student voices in the Lower School, allowing students to cultivate their leadership, creativity, and collaboration skills. 

The Student Council consists of four student-elected positions, including class president, vice president, secretary, and outreach ambassador. Each position is held by a fifth grade student. The Student Council also includes two fourth grade representatives. On September 30, the Lower School logged on to hear the candidates present their campaign promises over Zoom. 

The election took place the following day, and Lucianna Herrera ’29 was elected Class President. During her campaign, Lucianna emphasized the importance of being a good listener and working with others to achieve a common goal. “As Class President, I want to represent your ideas and be your voice. You can count on me for anything you need. Together, we can dream and make our dreams come true. The power is with all of us,” she said. 

Jordyn Rivera ’29 was elected Vice President. In her campaign speech, she promised to advocate for more dress-down days, more hands-on projects during cultural heritage months, and an “ideas box” where students can candidly share their thoughts with council members. “I want to help other students be heard and have a voice. I think I can work well with our teachers and Head of School to explain what’s important to my fellow students. I will fight for what’s right and to make positive change in the Lower School,” she said.  

Joseph Gambino ’29 and Adria Mallette ’29 also celebrated wins by securing the Secretary and Outreach Ambassador roles, respectively, while Alex Brown ’30 and Madelyn Yelton ’30 were elected as the Fourth Grade Representatives. 

Joseph promised to advocate for awareness clubs that promote inclusivity and emphasize King’s virtues of kindness and respect, but he insisted that his meticulous nature gave him a competitive edge. “I am organized, and I like to keep track of things. I’m very good at paying attention to detail,” he said. 

Adria highlighted her volunteer work during the campaign as she delivered a winning case for the outreach ambassador position. “I would like to promote more community involvement by building school spirit and supporting the King Cares club. Together, we can achieve great things,” she said. As Outreach Ambassador, Adria will help connect the student body with community-wide projects and initiatives. 

The Fourth Grade Representatives Alex and Madelyn were chosen to expand representation in the council and cultivate the next generation of lower school leaders. “I am a leader. A leader is a person that guides people and helps others when they need it,” said Alex, who vowed to present the ideas of his peers during council meetings. 

Madelyn echoed this sentiment with a promise to listen to her fellow students and bring their insights to the table during council meetings as well. “I am a persistent person. When I have a goal or a good idea, I won’t give up on it,” said Madelyn. 

The Lower School Student Council will allow its members to develop leadership, organization, public speaking, and collaboration skills. The council will meet with advisors Joey Lener and Ashley Rivera once a month throughout the academic year. Together they will address the concerns of the lower school student body and generate fresh ideas on how to enrich and support King School’s mission and initiatives.