Senior Artists O.P.E.N. to Self Expression at Art Colloquium
Senior Artists

Culminating a year of self-discovery and exploration in the arts, the senior art students presented their capstone projects at the Art Colloquium, an annual arts seminar hosted in the Performing Arts Center at King School. The presentations are a result of the school’s O.P.E.N project experience: Original, Personal, Experiential, and Novel. Each year, seniors are encouraged to explore different mediums of art and create projects that are a personal expression of their interests or experiences to present to their classmates at the colloquium.

The students typically begin their projects with one idea, but the idea develops into new concepts or multiple projects as the year progresses. Jamie Munno ’22 likened the experience to the growth of a flower.

“The way we all experience and view growth is different, but in my opinion, the best visual representation is with flowers. It takes time, care, and nurturing to make sure a flower can grow. Throughout our lives, but more specifically for this project, we learn to treat ourselves as flowers, finding our inner beauty and blooming only when we are ready to do so,” said Jamie, who designed a line of fashion ensembles for her project. 

“Each dress in this collection is a memento to this theme. Through the process, not only does the collection of dresses grow, but my skills, passion, and my own discovery of self grows as well. Each dress is connected to me and an important aspect of my life, whether it be a person, place, or feeling,” she added.

Senior Artists

Through continued exploration, artist Anna Sheridan ’22 began focusing her capstone theme on feelings invoked through abstract art. She experimented with different paints and fabrics on canvas to develop her artwork throughout the year. 

“I start all of my paintings with a feeling or emotional state I want to portray. Last year, I experimented a lot and created many pieces – most of which were unsuccessful – but they taught me many lessons, like where to make marks or not to make marks, how colors go together, what shapes look best, and how to let go of how I want something to look. Letting go while painting is a key component of discovering my artistic style and how to portray emotions,” said Anna. 

The inspiring artwork presented at the Art Colloquium on Thursday, April 21, and Friday, April 28, is on display in the PAC Lobby and Upper School Art Gallery for the remainder of the school year. Capstone projects for the following seniors are featured in the exhibit:

Senior Artists

Riley Mohr

Jamie Munno

Anna Sheridan

Alex Resnick

Norah Shattan

Paige Baird

Jordan Rogers

Emily Alexander

Emmi Freeman

Maddie Blattman

Sarah Cepeda