Grandparents and Special Friends Visit Campus for Joyous Celebration
Grandparents and Special Friends Day Visit Campus for Joyous Celebration

King’s annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day celebration returned to campus this year with joy, smiles, and hugs as guests joined their children in the bustling classrooms of the Lower School for a day of engaging activities and learning. Head of School Carol Maoz opened the celebration with gratitude for the support that grandparents and special friends add to the community. 

“Today, we celebrate the connections between the generations. All of us at King have a tremendous appreciation for our community and the partnership we form with our families as we all work together to help our students learn and grow. That includes you – grandparents and special friends,” said Maoz as she kicked off the event. 

“We know that grandparents and special friends support the entire family, influence our children’s beliefs and values, and provide a sense of belonging and security, ” Maoz added.

Although most attendees visited campus for the special occasion, guests who could not attend in person watched online, allowing families from out of state and overseas to join the event.  

Head of Lower School Dr. Sandy Lizaire-Duff emphasized the important role that grandparents and special friends play in children’s lives. “These are the most precious, the most beautiful memories, and you – our grandparents, our special friends, our superheroes – are part of the reason why these little ones are their best selves,” she said. 

The guests joined the students and teachers in the classrooms and on the campus for activities that included storytelling, solving puzzles and problems, programming robots, and browsing the school’s book fair. 

“My cousin joined me for the day which was so much fun. We got to go to the book fair and make bookmarks! I made one for myself, but I also made a pretty one for my mom for Mother’s Day and my cousin was a big help,” said Grade 2 student Isabella Ulloa.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day Visit Campus for Joyous Celebration

Grade 4 student Samantha Guevara’s grandmother is no stranger to King since Samantha is the second generation in her family to attend the school. “I’m glad my grandma came because she is so fun. We crack a lot of jokes. I enjoyed showing her what I do in school because she’s interested in school activities,” said Samantha. “My grandma loves King,” she added.    

John Sponheimer, who has two grandsons in the Lower School, enjoyed participating in the event as well. “I’m so excited to be back here again after the two-year hiatus. King is such a wonderful school, and I’m very happy my grandchildren go here,” he said. 

“From the delicious breakfast, the inspiring talks, and most of all, the opportunity to visit our precious grandsons classrooms, Albie, in Grade 1, and Luke in PreK, it is a day we will long remember,” said Al and Fran Lombardi in a handwritten note sent to lower school teachers and King School following the event.

Upper school students also joined the event to ensure that all children had a pal present to participate in the festivities. 

“It was so much fun being with the younger kids, spending time with them, and getting a glimpse of their everyday life,” said Max Wachter ’24, who joined King in the Middle School and had never experienced the Lower School before. “It reminded me so much of what it was like to be in elementary school. I think everyone really enjoyed the activities and spending quality time with their friends and families.”

A gallery of the event is available to view online

Grandparents and Special Friends Day Visit Campus for Joyous Celebration